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Random Acts of Kindness: Why Don’t They Occur More Often?

Random acts of kindness seem to be far and few between these days. I recall being little and randomly adults would tell me I was being good. After which they would give me a quarter (with my parents’ permission of course!) I have vivid memories of my father helping someone change a tire that needed help. When my mother passed away her employer sent a basket..and still paid her for the time she hadn’t even worked. A friend who I never expected to, showed up to my Grandfather’s funeral and brought me flowers. Our neighbor would show up unexpectedly and snow blow our path. It seemed when I was younger those small acts of kindness were the norm, not the exception.

Today as we rushed to get my son to the doctor, our van got stuck at the end of my driveway. My husband and I attempted to dislodge it ourselves and were very much unsuccessful. I called a friend and asked if her husband could come and help. They said, “yes.” Our neighbor driving by also stopped to help. With help, the van became dislodged, but to our dismay, the tire wasn’t moving. Our break line had frozen, and the tire couldn’t spin! 

Immediately our friend, without hesitation asked if I needed to borrow his car. This wasn’t just a random act of kindness, but a blessing as well. I almost didn’t know how to reply. My first thought was, if the role was reversed would I so willingly allow my friend to borrow my car? This random, HUGE, act of kindness not only allowed us to get my son to his appointment, but also that I was able to get to my work appointment for which I was running very late.

This one moment made me realize that I too am guilty of failing to show acts of kindness to those around me in ways I used to. When we just had our oldest I was always finding ways to show her how important it was to give to others. Buying coffee for the person who was in line behind me. Having her give the older gentleman that was eating alone a candy bar and a have a good day sir. With the addition of three more beautiful babes, working full time at a demanding job, working to keep our marriage strong and our house standing it seems I too had forgotten how those random acts of kindness, no matter how small or big, can change a person’s entire day.

I have no idea how I can ever repay my friends for what they did for us today. So, for now, I will just pay it forward by showing some love, a small act of kindness, to someone who needs it and by showing my kiddos how to do the same.



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