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“Gems” in the Gem City

I’ve lived in Dayton and vicinity for over 4 decades, and other than 4 college years in the “Queen” City, Dayton has been my home. Now as an adult I am continually amazed at the new and old treasures that I find in this great city.

I have so many memories growing up of Dayton and all that it has to offer. One of my favorite memories is getting on the RTA bus at the end of my street in Centerville and riding it to Downtown Dayton for a day adventure with my mom. The day was full of shopping, lunch and exploring the “Gem” City. It was the best quarter we ever spent as we each paid the toll and we got on the bus.  

Dayton holds so many adventures and opportunities for families. I love that the “Gem” city has an amazing downtown area as well as surrounding cities that extend the city to the suburbs. As far north as the airport all the way to Kings Island, Dayton and vicinity holds treasures galore.  

Here are 10 of my favorite Dayton treasures. They are unique places and experiences that I love. When you google things to do in Dayton, these will not come up in your search… I guess you would call these “Gems”

1.  Stubbs Park, W. Spring Valley Pike, Washington Township, OH 45458

Stubbs is an amazing park for all seasons. With a concert series in the summer, sledding in the winter months and a dozen or more bridges throughout the park that make this a top-notch park, there are several small play areas at the park, but the possibilities to unleash a child’s imagination are endless here.

2. Little Miami Scenic Paved Bike Trail- 76 miles of winding paved trail that winds alongside the Little Miami River.  

This bike trail has some of the most amazing scenery you will ever find. This is not the only bike trail- there is also the Lebanon Countryside Bike Trail and the Great Miami River Recreational Trail, so wherever you are in the Dayton area, you cant jump on the trail and start your adventure.

3.  Mikesell’s Snack Food Company tour, 333 Leo Street, Dayton.

Never has a chip tasted so delish then after you have seen it made. Virtual tours can be seen online and you can call to see about scheduling a tour. Fun experience.

4. Woodland Cemetary and Arboretum

A high school field trip took me here and what an amazing place, so rich in history and beauty.

5. Spaghetti Factory, Downtown Dayton.

The smells and decor take me back into time, to each visit I have had here and enjoyed every aspect of this restaurant. Check out their mystery dinner nights, AWESOME!

6. Esther Price Candies Corporation, 1079 Wayne Avenue/Store 194 Woodman Drive/location in Centerville too.

Dayton has some of the most delicious chocolates in the country (I’m a bit of a chocolate snob). You simply have to stop by and have a sample or two or three.

7. Get your Canoe on!  

Too many places to list, but one of my favorite “gems” is canoeing in the Dayton area. We canoe on the Little Miami River and each time, we can’t wait to go back. Metro Parks and Canoe rentals and livery’s are aplenty in Dayton and the vicinity.

8. Miamisburg Mound State Memorial

One of the largest Native American burial mounds, rich in history and experience, Wear comfortable shoes and get ready to enjoy.

9. Caeser Creek State Park Fossil Park, Waynesville, OH.  

Have little archeologists? Bring a bag for your treasures and look for fossils to take home. This has been a favorite of my kiddos. Caeser Creek also has playgrounds, a beach, a kids fishing area and many programs throughout the year, our favorite is the salamander hike!

10.  Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm was a favorite of mine as a little girl.

It has become even more fantastic over the past decades. I remember as a girl scout, going with my troop to see what Aullwood was all about. This is an educational environment, as well as a great social and relaxing place as well.

These “Gems” are hidden all around the Dayton area, these are just a few of my faves.  Explore this amazing city and the surrounding area….adventure awaits!

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