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Did You Know? {10 Fun Facts about Dayton}

Dayton is an amazing place to live. We know you know this, but did you know all of these fun trivia facts about our hometown?

  1.  Dayton is called the “Gem” City, Ever wonder Why?  There are several theories.  As I researched I found that one source says Dayton is called the “Gem” city because there was a racehorse that hailed from Dayton and his name was Gem. Another theory is that Dayton is the “Gem” of all of its inferior neighboring towns and it is a town that has it all.
  2. Dayton is the home of the Dayton Dragons, hometown minor league baseball team. Going to 5/3 Field is a must for every family!
  3. Dayton is the Birthplace of Aviation- called this because Wilbur and Orville Wright were born here. The U. S. House voted 378-3, in 2003 that Ohio was the birthplace and not North Carolina.
  4. Dayton is home to some of the most amazing Mamas on the planet. There is a pretty great group of them who write as part of the team on the social media site and blog called the Dayton Moms Blog. (We may be biased.)
  5. Dayton is called the Birthplace of Funk. In the 1970’s as a new type of music was making it’s way across the country, Ohio was the epicenter, thus giving Dayton the claim to funk fame.
  6. Dayton and the vicinities around Dayton educate thousands of  people as there are 26 colleges in the area.
  7. Dayton was discovered by settlers on April Fools Day.
  8. Dayton is home to the first soap box derby in 1933.
  9. Dayton hosted the Rolling Stones, before they were famous in the 60’s and the critic said it was “certain brand of noise”.
  10. Dayton’s tallest building is The Kettering Tower, built in 1970, has 30 floors and is 405 feet tall.

What fun facts do you know about Dayton that are not on our list?


One Response to Did You Know? {10 Fun Facts about Dayton}

  1. Suzanne Hines October 9, 2017 at 8:56 am #

    Cedarville (nearish to Dayton) is also the birthplace of the man who created the Labor Day celebration!