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I’m not Treasuring any More Moments.

“You HAVE to babywear or your child won’t learn to bond properly and will never know how to love!”         “Let the baby cry itself to sleep or it won’t learn to sleep ever in its entire life!”   “If you use anything other than all organic everything, you’re basically a monster.”  […]

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Waiting for the Doctor to Call

Waiting for the Doctor to Call

We’ve all had those moments in our health where the news we get just isn’t the best. That little tumble on the ice you want to walk off, it’s a broken bone. That little cough, it’s bronchitis. Your cholesterol came back high, let’s treat it. All fairly benign situations for the most part, right. Temporary […]

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Birthday Party

Sleep in or Work Out?

This is the end of the second month that I have worked out each morning with the Fit Chicks Bootcamp. I have grown to love so many of the women there and our fearless leader Katie Ly. I’ve pushed myself farther than I thought I could and reaped the benefits from that. Recently, however, my morning outlook has shifted from […]

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I Will Own My Mornings, Even While I Constantly Fail.

Silence. Alone time. Coffee. Prayers. Mindless thoughts. Exercise. All the things a mama craves at some point of her day (or maybe not, that’s my short list). As a mother of two little ladies it’s nearly impossible to even use the restroom without a barge through the bathroom door and being handed a crayon, or […]

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A new baby! Tips for helping your child adjust to a sibling.

When my husband and I decided to have a second baby, one of the reasons we decided to do so was our desire for our son to have a sibling. We really felt like it would be beneficial and enjoyable for him to be a big brother and to have a playmate growing up. The picture perfect images of them […]

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Disciplining 101 and 5 Tips for Moms

Disciplining kids is a challenge for most parents. Duh, right!?!?! By profession, I’m a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who primarily works with kids with disabilities. It can be hard as a professional to know the most appropriate way to respond and I have a ton of experience and training, however it’s even harder as a […]

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