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A Stay at Home Mom with a Wasted Degree

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend: she’s engaged, dreaming of having babies, and trying to decide the next move to make in her career. As the conversation continued, she told me that she had thought of being a stay-at-home mom, but she didn’t want to waste her degree. My initial […]

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“Our” Son

I just put him in bed for the night.  I can’t help but think of you, as I lay down “Our Son”. Tomorrow he turns 1.  I’ve got the cute obligatory 1st birthday shirt, and can’t wait to celebrate him tomorrow. Can you believe he will be 1? I met you a year ago and […]

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A Letter to My Husband

Dear Husband: To a man who doesn’t really go for public displays of affection or airing his dirty laundry, I thought — what better gift for Father’s Day than to write you a public letter of thanks? You’ve been through a humdinger of a year on so many levels, and the man that is being […]

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Flea Markets: 7 Reasons To Go This Summer

Flea Markets. I have come to understand that there are basically three different people on the flea market stance: you love them, you hate them, or you know nothing about them. Wherever you are on the flea market spectrum, here are 7 reasons why you must go this summer! I grew up walking the aisles […]

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