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Office to Airplane

Office to Airplane Tips for the Working-Pumping Mommy

Breast feeding is not easy.  And once you master that art – once you feel like you’ve got that covered – guess what?  Your maternity leave is over.  Now, hopefully you’ve acclimated yourself to your pump from day one and already have a freezer full…even if you have there is a definite transition from pumping […]

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Post Weaning Depression

Post Weaning Depression

Post Weaning Depression This is a much lesser known or talked about issue than post-partum depression. In fact, the DSM-IV doesn’t distinguish the two diagnoses, I suppose since it is for the most part the same physiology. Here’s what happens:  Post-partum, there is a huge dip in the amount of oxytocin produced after the spike […]

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You may have to milk yourself

You May Have to Milk Yourself…

15 Tips Your Lactation Consultant Failed to Tell You There are some amazing lactation consultants out there, no doubt. However, your time in the hospital is limited and post-discharge consults are great but typically only happen when someone is desperate.  Here are some specifics I wish my lactation peeps would have made clear. **Note – […]

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of Province

You Need a Mom Date! 3 Reasons Why It Will Save your Sanity.

I have recently returned from an intense European tour.  I was head teacher on a 3 country European tour which included walking 71 miles, chaperoning 17 teenagers, planes, trains and automobiles! All of this, and I have to say that it was actually a very enjoyable, very relaxing trip. Now, I love my students, but […]

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A new baby! Tips for helping your child adjust to a sibling.

When my husband and I decided to have a second baby, one of the reasons we decided to do so was our desire for our son to have a sibling. We really felt like it would be beneficial and enjoyable for him to be a big brother and to have a playmate growing up. The picture perfect images of them […]

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What I really want to write in your baby shower card..

What I really want to write in your baby shower card…

    Instead of “Congrats! You guys will make great parents!” or “So thrilled for your new bundle of joy!” how about we write what that mom-to-be needs to hear: I’ve talked to several girlfriends about this. Right before you have a baby, you rationally and consciously know that “your life is about to change forever,” […]

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Postpartum Hair

My hormones did WHAT to my hair?

There are a few additional perks to being pregnant other than the obvious midnight burger runs, baby showers and dibs on the thermostat! You are also blessed with long beautiful strong nails and awesome hair. I don’t think anyone lets you in on this because they are too busy sharing food cravings, random dreams, and birth stories […]

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