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One Minute in a Woman’s Head

Everyone knows that women are complicated and at any given moment we could have multiple thoughts running through our head. We decided that putting those thoughts to paper, would be a fun thing to do…so Dayton Moms Blog presents: One Minute in a Woman’s Head!   We’d love to hear from our readers, what goes […]

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Postpartum Sex…hahahaha

You’re all moms.  You’ve all let that modesty fly out the window during labor and delivery for darn good reason.  So let’s not be shy when it comes to this topic… There is one thing that got you into that labor situation, SEX. Trying for that first baby is filled with giddy flirting and genuinely […]

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I also learned that I wasn’t a bad mom;

New Mommy MythBuster

When I found out I was pregnant I was excited… more than excited! I’ve always envisioned myself as a mother and couldn’t wait to start my family. I was seeing pictures on Facebook with moms and their babies appearing happy and beautiful, like they were out of a magazine. Their pictures had captions such as […]

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Balance – Really?

How many times and how many blogs can you possibly read about how to find the proper balance? I, myself, have read many; how to balance life, work, friends, school, kids, husbands, families …Oh My Word – I am getting tired now just thinking about it all!  So many blogs say… “It’s okay to be a […]

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Jeans – I hate you!

I am not a small person – nor am I a shape that seems comparable to a fruit (not that I am sure that would make me feel any better). What I am is a women who needs jeans – what I want to be is a women who can walk into ANY store, pick […]

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