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Memory Perfectionist

Confessions of a Memory Perfectionist

My garden was gorgeous. Perfect trellises. Sharp linear rows. Scrumptious fruits and hearty veggies that my family harvested together on a lazy summer evening. That’s what my ‘Ideal family time’ Pinterest board looks like anyway.  I have big plans, HUGE plans, but that is what they stay, just plans. Not because I am lazy, but […]

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September Dayton Dozen

September is the start of fall – and the season for festivals!! Bring on the warm days and cool nights! Here is a list of Dayton Mom’s Blog approved events in September! 1. Montgomery County Fair – Dayton, Ohio at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds ***DMB Tip – Go during the day – it it less hectic […]

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Why I Do Chores WITH My Kids

Around the time my eldest daughter became mobile, I decided it was much easier to do the household chores when she was sleeping. I mean, have you ever tried to complete any household chore with a mobile baby or toddler around? As the saying goes, its “like brushing your teeth while eating oreos” or “it’s like […]

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End of Summer Backyard Bucket List

That’s right. I said it. Those three dreaded words : END OF SUMMER. Right when we all just got used to our dull skin becoming exposed to the sun a tad more then usual, and just when kids with sweaty sun screened brows became the norm again. Alas, she is almost over. That precious summer. […]

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Birthday Magic at Goldfish Swim School

This post is part of a sponsored relationship, however the team of mamas here at Dayton Moms Blog happily endorse this local business and are huge fans of Goldfish Swim School in Dayton. Birthday Parties at Goldfish Swim School are magic for both kiddos and mom! Recently I had the pleasure of answering the question […]

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My Leggings HERE

My Leggings Made Me Fatter

Recently I became addicted to the funky butter soft leggings and tops sweeping the mom nation. They are comfy and I don’t feel I’m in the yoga pants rut. Like the funky patterns of artistic bear heads and bold flowers are proof I’ve made an effort to leave the house. They are so cute! The […]

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I Miss Breastfeeding (7)

5 Things To Know About Food Allergies

Families with children who have food allergies, intolerances, and sensitivities are everywhere. Most families either have a child with food allergies or have a family member or know of  friends that are walking this daunting path. When Cooper our oldest son went through testing and was diagnosed with quite a few food allergies and intolerances, […]

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The Clutter Bomb

The clutter bomb. One day while searching for the 15th missed item of the week. ..(A task that requires ninja likemovement to keep from mowing down the stacks of randomness on every flat surface in the house), I had a nervous break down. Toys that were not put away where flying while things spewed from […]

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