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Post Weaning Depression

Post Weaning Depression

Post Weaning Depression This is a much lesser known or talked about issue than post-partum depression. In fact, the DSM-IV doesn’t distinguish the two diagnoses, I suppose since it is for the most part the same physiology. Here’s what happens:  Post-partum, there is a huge dip in the amount of oxytocin produced after the spike […]

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Take Off That Super Mom Cape

  Every mom has all either felt, seen, or heard stories about or all the above. To be fully present with her family, friends and community, and to do so with a smile on her face, without ever asking for help from anyone.  This “Super Mom” mentality is going strong in most mom circles today and is […]

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Why My Husband is the Best Daddy!

My husband is the best Daddy and I’m so thankful to have him as my children’s father. Not only is he an amazing provider, he is a loving husband, caring and patient father and compassionate man. Cindy Crawford said, I couldn’t agree more! With fathers day around the corner, some of us are desperately trying […]

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Click, Clip & Save! Couponing Made Simple.

So you have watched the TLC show “Extreme Couponing” and you are inspired to get your groceries free and have a stockpile overflowing from your garage. OK, so maybe NOT! But you still want to save money at the grocery store… now to get started! Follow these simple steps…     Choose a grocery store […]

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Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking in Dayton

If you had to list the top three things that make you worry when you think about your children’s future, I’m guessing that sex trafficking isn’t one of them. It wasn’t on my radar either until we had someone from BE FREE Dayton come and discuss this topic with our moms group at church.  In […]

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Interfaith Marriage

I grew up spending the holidays lighting a menorah, playing dreidel and making latkes. My husband spent the holidays decorating a Christmas tree and making cookies. We both attended religious schools and grew up in somewhat religious households. Interfaith marriage was historically looked upon with very strong disfavor by religious leaders. Today, interfaith marriage is […]

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Summer Camp Guide for Dayton

Dayton Moms Blog is thrilled to announce the up-coming launch {May 1st} of an in-depth guide to summer camps in the Dayton area. This guide on Dayton City Moms Blog will serve as a resource for Dayton and the surrounding areas. The mission behind this guide is to help you! Because let’s be honest, moms: […]

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Strike a Pose

A yoga pose that is! Yoga is such a great stress reliever.  It is a great way to start the day or an even better way to end a hectic week.I take at least one yoga class a week and on really good (or really bad depends on who you ask) weeks I have taken […]

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Welcome to Dayton Moms Blog :: Happy You Are Here

Dayton Moms Blog is a rapidly growing community of moms in the Dayton area!  We are a collaborative blog written by more than 20 local moms who are extremely passionate about connecting you to products and resources that will make your life easier! We believe that parenting is not “one size fits all” and we love hearing/sharing stories – […]

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It Takes a Village

You know how they say it takes a village to raise a child?  Wrong.  It takes a village to raise a mom.  Three and a half years ago they handed me a baby and expected me to KNOW WHAT TO DO.  Sure, I could change a diaper and breastfeeding was fine but there were so […]

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A Labor of Love: Empowering Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

I have had the pleasure of working with children and teens with autism spectrum disorders for the past 14 years. Autism is a neurological disorder which affects communication, social skills and behavior. Autism affects individuals in different ways and if you have met one child/person with an autism spectrum disorder, you have only met one. […]

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