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Eliminate Snowday Clutter

You know how this goes. With the first snow accumulation, the entire family starts digging through closets, bins, and storage in the hunt for cold weather gear. The time spent prepping to go outside doubles the amount of time actually spent outdoors.  Minutes later, or at least it seems, it’s time to come in for the first cup […]

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Resolutions or No!?!

Do you plan to make a New Years Resolution? I have gone both ways with resolutions and gone without. I have had years where I have very specific goals and I think very strategically for how I’m going to reach those goals. Some years, I have been successful. Some years, I have gone with the […]

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Must-Have Resources for Mompreneurs

Dreams are awesome. But a dream without a plan is just a wish, right? I’ve loaded you mompreneurs up with links to resources that have helped me build 2 brick and mortar businesses.  These are just some of the practical tools and resources that I’ve discovered..and remember I’m a newbie so there are WAY more out there […]

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Living with My Parents

I wish I could live with my parents forever. I mean, I’m really gonna miss this time in my life. For the past 5-ish months, I’ve been homeless as we sold our house and are waiting for our new home to be built (new blog about our move coming soon!). So, my little family of five […]

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Indoor Play guide

Guide to Indoor Play in Dayton & Surrounding Areas

The coveted days of tank tops and shorts have ended, and we are delving into the unpredictable fall weather soon followed by our Ohio winters…which have hit us hard the past couple of years! We went on the everlasting quest for the ‘perfect location’ where the kids can release some built up energy without braving the […]

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25 Reasons I am Thankful for my Village

Cliché you may say, that infamous African proverb,“It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Do I agree? Somedays. Do I disagree? Somedays. It’s one of those sayings that can cause some big dramatic uproar on the parenting front, and I’m not here to chat the ins and outs. Everyone interprets this proverb differently, […]

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Negative nelly = jiggly belly

Negative Nelly = Jiggly Belly. How Your Icky Attitude is Keeping Your Fat

Whether you want to face it or not…your attitude is making you fat.   Legit: There are some genetic medical conditions that mess hormones up and create excess weight, yes.   For most of us however, here are the excuses we give ourselves – go ahead, check yours off the list: “Healthy food is expensive, […]

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