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5 Spring Trends from the “Gem City” Mama

As temperatures start to rise our clothing choices start to reflect those changes. Like many people, I like to take this time to evaluate my closet. The changing of the seasons is a chance for me to reinvent myself and purge things…especially clothing. Here are a few trends I’ve spotted while out and about recently […]

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Finding a Maternity Style that Works for You AND Your Budget

Maternity clothes are EXPENSIVE, and honestly still not that flattering unless you’re willing to drop some major money in some of the higher end stores and boutiques. The stores and locations you can shop vary. Some stores are geared towards maternity clothing only, while others carry selections (large and small) pending on the location. However, […]

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Are JPEG’s Taking Over Your Computer?

How many of you remember playing a super rad game in elementary school called Oregon Trail. It was always the highlight of the school day. You’d get a break from lectures to try and triumph over small pox or having your covered wagon taken out by a flooded creek. It was awesome!! I’m not sure […]

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You may have to milk yourself

You May Have to Milk Yourself…

15 Tips Your Lactation Consultant Failed to Tell You There are some amazing lactation consultants out there, no doubt. However, your time in the hospital is limited and post-discharge consults are great but typically only happen when someone is desperate.  Here are some specifics I wish my lactation peeps would have made clear. **Note – […]

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DMB’s hot list for Kids Eat (mostly) Free in Dayton

“Families that eat together, stay together.” We’ve all read the importance of having dinner as a family.  Sometimes eating together is nothing short of a miracle – it takes time, prep, and let’s not mention the clean up! The alternative to getting everyone around the table, is taking the family out to eat. Sounds like ‘fun’ until you think about […]

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