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Multiple Miracles: Your Questions Answered

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with Maternal-Fetal Medicine at Miami Valley Hospital. We are pleased to partner with them in bringing valuable health information to the community.Pregnancy is glorious and amazing and joyful and wonderful. And don’t forget – terrifying. Truthfully, what expectant mother hasn’t stared down the months of her pregnancy […]

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Thank God for Doulas

When I was pregnant, I became somewhat of a birth junkie. I couldn’t get enough information or watch enough birth videos. My husband and I read all the books and took all the classes. Although we were super prepared, we knew we still needed a doula. And THANK GOD we hired her. I’m confident in […]

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The Day Jakob Came

Every year on my son’s birthday we choose to make it a happy day. We celebrate with a cupcake, buy a cupcake for a stranger and send a balloon up to the sky. Some years we go to the cemetery and Ella-Grace chooses a toy to bring with her to leave on his grave. This […]

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When Labor and Delivery Don’t Go as Planned

As I entered through the hospital doors, walked down the short hall to maternity, and headed into the labor and delivery room, I was filled with a million different emotions ranging from fear to excitement to anticipation. Sure I had borrowed informational baby books from the library and read countless birth story experiences written by fellow bloggers online, but as a […]

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