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5 Spring Trends from the “Gem City” Mama

As temperatures start to rise our clothing choices start to reflect those changes. Like many people, I like to take this time to evaluate my closet. The changing of the seasons is a chance for me to reinvent myself and purge things…especially clothing. Here are a few trends I’ve spotted while out and about recently […]

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The Best Natural Beauty Buys

Clean Eating. Detox. Organic. Superfoods.   It’s no secret that healthy buzzwords are alive and well in 2018. As a society, we seem to be more and more careful about diet and nutrition. The majority of the time I, too, am conscious about what I put into my body in terms of food. But what about […]

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Tantrum Free Hair Styling & The 60 Second Do

8-7-7-7. Those are the ages of our four school-aged girls. School mornings are…getting better, but they still pose many challenges. The biggest challenge is getting 4 heads of hair to look presentable before lining them up for the bus. With several years of experience, and several heads to work on, I’ve got a few go-to […]

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