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The Day I Stopped Buying Cards.

No. I’m not trying to start a coup against Hallmark, or the convenient dollar store card collection, I have been on a dual mission lately – to find ways to preserve memories while simultaneously minimizing . You heard me, I’m attempting a double standard here. Mothers Day 2014 was the beginning of a new era in our […]

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Trick-or-Treat? What can’t I eat?

Fall festivities and Halloween are incredibly exciting and fun filled with get togethers, outings and the food. The FOOD!! Who isn’t able look back on an amazing fall get together, hayride, or trick-or-treating night with a single unpleasant memory? Parents whose children have food allergies, that’s who! Our oldest son Cooper has a handful of food allergies that […]

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Fall Fun with Little Ones

So, my littles love crafts. But, I’m not the most creative mom on the block. So, I resort to craft books from the library, Google, and my creative mom friends for ideas and inspiration. Here’s what we have going on this time of the year: Good old-fashioned pumpkin carving. Sadly, my kids won’t touch the pumpkin guts. Roasted pumpkin seeds. Just rinse […]

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My Fit Chick Journey Begins Now

I’ll start once I’m done having kids or at least when the boys are both in school? How about when I’m not as tired as I feel now? These are the excuses I have given myself for years to not exercise. I am a loved wife, proud mother of two beautiful boys and the owner […]

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Why I Email My Toddler.

No. You did not read this incorrectly. I do in fact email my toddler, as well as my preschooler, even though they are currently illiterate. Why you ask? Because I can, because WE can, because technology allows us too, because it is quick and easy and accessible, and because it’s fun. I am married to […]

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