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My Fit Chick Journey Begins Now

I’ll start once I’m done having kids or at least when the boys are both in school? How about when I’m not as tired as I feel now? These are the excuses I have given myself for years to not exercise. I am a loved wife, proud mother of two beautiful boys and the owner […]

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Why I Email My Toddler.

No. You did not read this incorrectly. I do in fact email my toddler, as well as my preschooler, even though they are currently illiterate. Why you ask? Because I can, because WE can, because technology allows us too, because it is quick and easy and accessible, and because it’s fun. I am married to […]

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The Power of 15 Minutes

Yup. 15 minutes. That’s all I need. Well, actually I could use 15 hours, but I live with a 3 yr old and a 20 month old. Enough said. I have learned in the last months, as I have bounced between two different personality-blessed children, both with different needs based on ages and preferences, that […]

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Birthday Party

Hand 2 Hand Gym Birthday Party Review

My son just had THE best birthday of his (young) life! Cooper just turned six and is a non stop ball of energy and fun. The party planning began like it had for years before with an at home party for him and his friends. With the birthday invite list climbing into the teens the possibility […]

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2nd Street Main

Mom’s Quick Guide to the 2nd St Market

I return home, after my Saturday morning hour of solo sweat, to my little sweet humans running laps around my ankles and my husband sipping his coffee on the couch. Soon thereafter I hear, “mama, I wanna go to the market!” Oh yes. Those ever so familiar 7 words coming from the sweet lips of my […]

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Weekend 7_31

DMB Weekend Roundup July 31 – August 2nd

Crazy to think that summer is closing in on us! Get outside and enjoy these long days this weekend – try one of the Miami Valley’s well known Festivals. If my weather forecasting skills are right…okay my weather app…then this weekend we will be rain free! Hope to see you around! Have a great weekend. […]

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MOD Stephanie (2)

Miami Valley Moms – VIII :: Meet Stephanie

Welcome to Part VIII of the Miami Valley Moms series – where we moms get to know each other and the Dayton area.  Here we will interview moms all over the Miami Valley to get their opinion on everything from their favorite place for a date night to great parks in the area. Name: Stephanie Age […]

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July 24_26

DMB Weekend Roundup :: July 24-26

So the weather outside has been amazing this week! Finally, we have some “real” summer weather!  Great news is that the weather looks to be awesome through Sunday…before the rain visits us AGAIN! Let’s get on to our recommendations…Have an awesome weekend friends! HIT THE POOL | Dayton This is our #1 pick, because…to be frank…we haven’t had […]

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of Province

You Need a Mom Date! 3 Reasons Why It Will Save your Sanity.

I have recently returned from an intense European tour.  I was head teacher on a 3 country European tour which included walking 71 miles, chaperoning 17 teenagers, planes, trains and automobiles! All of this, and I have to say that it was actually a very enjoyable, very relaxing trip. Now, I love my students, but […]

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