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Party by the Pool: Planning an Event at Goldfish Swim School

This post is part of a sponsored relationship with Goldfish Swim School. The opinions and recommendations are those of the author and are genuine.

Birthday parties. As a mom of four children, two of whom share a birthday, those words alone strike a massive sense of dread deep into my soul. Hats off to the Pinterest lovin’ ladies out there who can plan the most divine birthday bashes covered in picture-perfect bows and buttercream. For the rest of us, parties can be a huge hassle and never quite turn out like the thumbnail we saved leading up to the event in question. 

But please allow me to present you with an alternative. What if I told you there existed a place that planned EVERYTHING for you, provided the perfect backdrop for a tropical wonderland, and wowed kids of any age? What if I told you it was right here in Dayton?

I was given the opportunity to plan my twins’ second birthday party at Goldfish Swim School, and right from the start, everything was just so EASY. There really was nothing to organize on my part, nothing to do in advance; we just had to show up. So if you’re looking for something different, fun, and effortless for your child’s next party, here are a few things to consider with Goldfish Swim School.

It’s Appropriate for Any Age.

Our party guests cover the whole spectrum of ages, from my 13 year old brother down to my six month old niece. My own kids run from eight down to two. And you can’t forget about my 38 year old “biggest” husband-kid that attended. The heated pool is 4′ deep all around and the school has an arsenal of life jackets, toys, floats, and platforms that are tailored to the littlest and biggest guest.

It’s Appropriate for All Levels of Swimmers

My littles had never been in a pool before but the staff was well-versed in first-timers. We had two lifeguards on duty, the entire time, both in and out of the pool. Not only did they keep an eye on the safety of our guests, they even offered tips and tricks for my newbies that helped acclimate the twins to the water (because when you’re two, a pool is NOT the same thing as a big bath tub). By the end of the party the girls had fully transformed into their mermaid form and were refusing to leave the water.

Everything You Hate About Swimming is a Non-Issue

Cold water. Swim suits. Crowds. Sunburn. Adult swim. None of it applies during your party, so have no worries! The swim school is rented out to you and your guests, so you won’t have to stress over picking the perfect suit to display or staking out prime lounging real estate before it’s all swooped up. The school is completely indoors and temperature controlled so ditch the sunscreen. Learn more about the facility HERE!

You Don’t Need to Bring Anything But Your Suit

And I mean that literally. Goldfish Swim School is equipped with showers, both poolside and private stalls, soap, shampoo, and even hair dryers. The changing rooms are nice and roomy and there are mirrors and vanities provided to put yourself back together after your swim. Beyond the water, the school provides adorable (and delicious) cupcakes, party favors, balloons, plates, napkins, and juice boxes, all of which is included in their party package. Talk about simplicity!

When I Say They Take Care of Everything, I Mean EVERYTHING

From my first consultation, the party planning process was seamless. I picked a date and signed a few papers, and that was the last decision required from me! The Swim School set up everything else, including complimentary blank invitations for me to use. A few days before the party, I received a call to confirm my numbers and that was it! The day of, I showed up at my party time and everything was already set up, decorations and all. The staff was incredibly personable and briefed my guests about what to expect and sent us off to enjoy a solid hour of pool time.

After our swim they served cupcakes and juice, and then even cleaned up for us. And if that isn’t your thing, the school allowed us to bring our own cake or food if we chose to do so.

The entire party I kept feeling like I was forgetting something because I truly had nothing to worry about; Goldfish Swim School had everything covered from start to finish.

So if you’re anything like me and want to have all the fun (and more) without the hassle, go see my friends Megan, Amy, Kelsey, Alaina, and Makenzie at Goldfish Swim School and book your party!

Team Goldfish!

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