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Indoor Play guide

Guide to Indoor Play in Dayton & Surrounding Areas

The coveted days of tank tops and shorts have ended, and we are delving into the unpredictable fall weather soon followed by our Ohio winters…which have hit us hard the past couple of years! We went on the everlasting quest for the ‘perfect location’ where the kids can release some built up energy without braving the […]

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25 Reasons I am Thankful for my Village

Cliché you may say, that infamous African proverb,“It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Do I agree? Somedays. Do I disagree? Somedays. It’s one of those sayings that can cause some big dramatic uproar on the parenting front, and I’m not here to chat the ins and outs. Everyone interprets this proverb differently, […]

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The Day I Stopped Buying Cards.

No. I’m not trying to start a coup against Hallmark, or the convenient dollar store card collection, I have been on a dual mission lately – to find ways to preserve memories while simultaneously minimizing . You heard me, I’m attempting a double standard here. Mothers Day 2014 was the beginning of a new era in our […]

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Why I Email My Toddler.

No. You did not read this incorrectly. I do in fact email my toddler, as well as my preschooler, even though they are currently illiterate. Why you ask? Because I can, because WE can, because technology allows us too, because it is quick and easy and accessible, and because it’s fun. I am married to […]

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The Power of 15 Minutes

Yup. 15 minutes. That’s all I need. Well, actually I could use 15 hours, but I live with a 3 yr old and a 20 month old. Enough said. I have learned in the last months, as I have bounced between two different personality-blessed children, both with different needs based on ages and preferences, that […]

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I Will Own My Mornings, Even While I Constantly Fail.

Silence. Alone time. Coffee. Prayers. Mindless thoughts. Exercise. All the things a mama craves at some point of her day (or maybe not, that’s my short list). As a mother of two little ladies it’s nearly impossible to even use the restroom without a barge through the bathroom door and being handed a crayon, or […]

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2nd Street Main

Mom’s Quick Guide to the 2nd St Market

I return home, after my Saturday morning hour of solo sweat, to my little sweet humans running laps around my ankles and my husband sipping his coffee on the couch. Soon thereafter I hear, “mama, I wanna go to the market!” Oh yes. Those ever so familiar 7 words coming from the sweet lips of my […]

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