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Secret Supply Lists: What your child REALLY needs on the first day of school.

Back to school supply lists are everywhere.  2 glue sticks, 2 highlighters, pencils, NO MARKERS  (why such hatred for markers these days?), hand sanitizer, etc.  We become obsessed with purchasing the items from our lists.  We make sure they have the perfect backpack, the perfect lunchbox, and the ever coveted back to school shoes. Upon […]

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of Province

You Need a Mom Date! 3 Reasons Why It Will Save your Sanity.

I have recently returned from an intense European tour.  I was head teacher on a 3 country European tour which included walking 71 miles, chaperoning 17 teenagers, planes, trains and automobiles! All of this, and I have to say that it was actually a very enjoyable, very relaxing trip. Now, I love my students, but […]

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Sugar Daddy

Single Mom Seeks Sugar Daddy

I sometimes think about it when I first wake up.  The thought of it even creeps in during the afternoon slump.  I will admit, however, that my yearning is at its peak late at night,  after I have put the little guy to bed, and I am sitting all alone.   Sometimes, it is ALL I […]

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Easter Candy Overload

5 Tips to Avoid Easter Candy Overload!

The time is here.  The pastels, the baskets, the dresses, the egg hunts, and yes, the CANDY!  In my case, lots of it.  My father purchases an annual Easter basket for my son. ( I gave up buying one years ago- no mummy, nor bunny nor mythical character of any kind can compete with the likes of this […]

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Spring Break (1)

Spring Break OUT!

Spring Break in Ohio.  Last week we may have had snow, we have survived sub zero temperatures, freezing rain, and even fog!  But alas, we Daytonians are nothing if not resilient.  And, Great news:  Spring weather has finally arrived in the Miami Valley. If you are ready to BREAK OUT and get moving, here are 10 Ideas […]

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