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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW before jumping in

Just Get Out!

Sometimes I look back on my motherhood journey and laugh at myself. As new moms, we are all kind of a hot mess, aren’t we? I was so worried about doing things right, or more often doing things wrong, that I really held myself back from doing anything at all. After having my first son, […]

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What New Moms

What a New Mom Really Wants

There are times in mother hood when we need each other. Like really need each other. After having a baby is one of those times.  Maybe it’s the surge of hormones. Maybe it’s the tiny little human that is ever dependent on you. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. Or likely it is the combination […]

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Warm Weather Bucket

My Warm Weather Bucket List

What is better than the sun shining, flowers blooming and playing with the kids outside?  While it is easy to brush off the idea of there being anything “fun” to do around here, the Dayton area is actually packed full of great places to spend these spring and summer days! I usually find myself having great […]

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