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Kindergarten: Ready or Not!

My baby, who was tiny enough to fit snugly inside my tummy less than five years ago, is now being registered for kindergarten! Say what?!?! For the past week or so, I was in a full out anxiety fog. I couldn’t sleep well. I was getting migraines. My mind could not rest. All I could think about was kindergarten.Ok, so this is my first time […]

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My Cure for Breastfeeding Induced Eczema

I’ve been nursing for four years straight. I’ve traveled some bumpy roads on my breastfeeding journey. Namely: nursing while pregnant, tandem nursing, mastitis, co-sleeping, and extreme elimination dieting due to my baby having infant food intolerances. But, the worst of the worst was eczema. Breastfeeding-induced eczema is excruciatingly painful. We’re talking cracking, bleeding, the whole […]

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Sisters. Motherhood. Love.

   Sisters are the best, right?! I have two. I’m smack dab in the middle of a sweet and sour, gooey, delicious, and slightly spicy sister sandwich. We’ve been through the years that made us who we are, together. We are who we are, in no small part, because we had each other. I have developed […]

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Food Intolerances and How We Cope

How do I cook for you people?! I’m not a great cook. I’ve got a few go-to recipes and a list of meals that I enjoy. But, now, I have four other opinionated eaters to take into account. Add that to my additional problem of managing multiple family food intolerances, I don’t know what to […]

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what's the hype All About?

KonMari with Kids

Clutter and chaos is just part of parenting, right? For a long time, I have felt this way. But, recently, I’ve learned something about myself. I feel more at peace when my home is in order. Granted, this doesn’t happen often. But, I now realize that I yearn for this order and peace, and I […]

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Living with My Parents

I wish I could live with my parents forever. I mean, I’m really gonna miss this time in my life. For the past 5-ish months, I’ve been homeless as we sold our house and are waiting for our new home to be built (new blog about our move coming soon!). So, my little family of five […]

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