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Top Knots& Botox

Topknots & Botox

This post is part of a sponsored relationship. We strive to partner with businesses we feel bring value to our readers.I’m a top knot sporting, minivan driving, yoga pants minus the yoga-ing basic mom. No designer purses here, and you’d never mistake me for an extra on Real Housewives of Anywhere. So when the idea […]

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Her Divorce, My Life Lessons

I  woke up in the middle of the night to see an email from my good friend, Helena, and felt my heart skip a beat in my chest as I read the words. “He has decided that he would like to divorce me.” After more than a decade of marriage, creating beautiful children, not to […]

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Do you Back Plan? {A Secret Weapon for the Perpetually Late!}

A few years ago, my husband teased lovingly about my tendency to run late to… well, everything. Now, we tease each other a lot, it’s part of what makes our relationship work, but this one hurt. Probably because it was true. Not just true, but it was true and it wasn’t something that I liked […]

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I’m not Treasuring any More Moments.

“You HAVE to babywear or your child won’t learn to bond properly and will never know how to love!”         “Let the baby cry itself to sleep or it won’t learn to sleep ever in its entire life!”   “If you use anything other than all organic everything, you’re basically a monster.”  […]

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