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The Worst Roommate EVER!

Managing conflict is hard. Navigating conflict within our living environment is even harder. Healthy conflict coping skills require the art of listening, accepting accountability, and mastering the dance of compromise. Our students do not always have these skill sets which can result in disastrous roommate blunders. If you find your student is voicing frustrations regarding […]

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Surviving the Holidays with Your Freshman

I love the Holidays. I love the decorations, the warmth of a cozy sweater by a fire, and family. But let’s be honest the family part can get a little tricky. I think one of the trickiest holidays to navigate is the first season when your freshman comes home from college. The expectations are a […]

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Forget the Ramen

Preparing for your child to go off to college is exciting. You attend the whirlwind of orientations soaking in as much information as you can, including the size of the mattress to purchase the correct sheet size! Your mind is flooded with excitement and worry with questions like, “What will it be like? How will […]

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