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How to Save Money on Cable and Internet without the Hassle

Avoid ‘Cable Customer Service Purgatory’ and learn from one of the BillBusters experts on how to cut your bill by as much as 720 a year!

“The simple tip: Use Amanda and avoid the hassle altogether. BillBusters doesn’t charge unless they save and if they do save it’s only 25% of whatever savings you experience. Visit if interested or email Amanda at [email protected]

I know the dread that starts to build. I’ve felt it myself. You have an hour for lunch (or less) and you need to make a call to your cable or satellite company about your bill. Your heart races at the thought of how many times you will need to press “1” before you get a “real” person! Will you even have time to eat? Then, you worry if the person on the other line (considering you get a “real” person) is even going to listen to your concerns or be able to actually help you!

Well, my name is Amanda and I’m one of the expert negotiators at BillBusters. My role is to make the call described above… many times a day. I call in on behalf of our customers to see if they are getting the best rate for their services. I also check with their provider to see if they are eligible for any promotions they are currently not receiving. My goal is to help them save as much money as possible!

I call DirectTV, Spectrum, Cincinnati Bell, Dish Network and Wireless Companies just to name a few. I’ve been there, done that call – at lunch time, busy times, and evening times and I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly of calling in.

So, I’m here to give you a little bit of advice…and a personal scorecard from my experience of being the one on the end of the line. I have scored each company in 5 separate areas with a score from A to F. Customer Service, Friendliness, Pricing, Flexibility, Hold Times.

In addition to what you can expect to see from a customer service standpoint here are the top tips if you make the call yourself.

  1. Go straight to retention or cancellation and when you get there be prepared with what the apples to apples price comparison is for their competitor. Billbusters price comparison tool can help with this (the results are FREE and it only takes 30 seconds).
  2. If at first you don’t succeed, then try again! Try each day and, believe it or not, each call center seems to have different power and promotional opportunities. If not satisfied, hang up and try again.
  3. Honey works better than vinegar. See this from their side of the table and you’ll find more success.
  4. Ask for a customer loyalty discount. If you’ve been a customer for a long time, they should be accommodating.
  5. If you do end up succeeding, ask for a confirmation number because they don’t always submit the changes correctly and you want some form of documentation if there are issues. I can’t stress how important this is!

In all reality, this is very time consuming and a hassle to do yourself (you’ll probably end up getting angry during and after the call!). So, if you’d like me to give it a try, I’d be more than happy to help! I’m the head negotiator at BillBusters and either I or one of our team members will get the job done right for you!

-Head-to-the-“>Get Started -> Head to the Billbusters Website or email us at [email protected]!

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