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Nap Time Struggles

Nap time – that sweet, sweet time of the day where you get a few moments of silence to do what you want…

Until, your child refuses to sleep.

No amount of begging, pleading, yelling, threatening (Go to bed or mean mommy is going to appear!) works. How do you remain calm and when you realize your “alone quiet time” will be shared with your loud, playful toddler?

Wine? Well, unfortunately drinking at noon is frowned upon up. Coffee? You’ve already drank a pot. You’re running out of options, so take a deep breath and go about doing what you need to do to remain sane.

I allow quiet activities during the days where naps just aren’t happening. Here are a few ideas:

Coloring, painting
– Reading (when your kiddos are starting to read, of course)
– Dry-erase workbooks
– Involve the kids in your “chores”

If there are things I had planned/needed to do during nap time (like folding laundry), I involve the kids. They help get the clothes out of the dryer or match socks, for example.

Nap time is also one of the only times in my day where I can fit in a work out without interruptions. If I still want to make that happen, on the no-nap days, there is no other choice than to include the kids in the workout! Moving around them burns more calories, and you are setting an example that working out is fun and part of a healthy lifestyle.

All moms know how precious nap time is, but it will inevitably go away as they get older. Having tried and true tools already at your fingertips will lead to fewer mommy meltdowns and (maybe) reduced wine consumption.

What do you do to save your sanity on the days when your kids don’t nap?

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