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City Seed Delivery- Produce to Your Door Step

I have thought so many times that our family should have a garden full of fruits and vegetables because of how quickly we go through them. Unfortunately, I am not the best with growing or keeping plants alive! My desire and need to feed my family organic produce is still there. Not just on the principle factor alone but for my sons allergies. Cooper is allergic to corn and all corn derivatives so having peace of mind that he can grab whatever fruit or veggie he may want for a snack is a huge deal!

I came across City Seed Delivery one day while searching for a local produce business that was nutrition and family centered. I wanted to support my community as well as know where the produce we were purchasing and eating came from. City Seed is owned and operated by David and Laurie Malseed from Dayton. On their website it said,


” The name “City Seed” not only represents the Malseed family name, but it also speaks to the goal of connecting urban and suburban dwellers with the rich, farm-grown food of our local  Dayton/Cincinnati country-side! “

The beauty of City Seed is tri-fold: Their business is run from the heart, their products are pasture raised and locally grown, and here come the fireworks and loud speaker announcer proclaiming that you can receive all this goodness delivered to your doorstep weekly! You heard me correctly, all you have to do is order the organic produce, eggs, meat, and more from their website and they will delivery it to your door each week on you assigned day.

IMG_7313CitySeed’s own Laurie Malseed was gracious enough to let our family try out the fresh produce variety box in return for me sharing our experience with you! It was like Christmas morning on an afternoon in April – Cooper, Reid and I eagerly waited for our delivery! In the box we received 10 lbs of fresh organic fruits and vegetables as well as a dozen farm fresh eggs. I felt like the box of goodies was endless and was incredibly surprised by the amount of produce it held! Our box included yellow squash, bananas, oranges, apples, onions, potatoes, carrots, celery, an organic spring lettuce mix, and a dozen farm fresh eggs. My boys wasted no time at all by diving into the carrots, a family favorite. From there, they attacked the apples and soon were  eating both oranges. I was worried that they would single-handedly consume the entire box before I was able to put away any of the items!

I’m a firm believer that your children will eat more fruits and vegetables if you offer them frequently and more often. The produce box from City Seed did just that. It created a sense of uniqueness, and a feeling of being special for my boys that made them want to eat it all. I wonder if City Seed would add bottled water and bars of soap to their boxes and then my boys would drink more water and enjoy regular baths without complaints?!

Head over to their website to learn more about CitySeed and the amazing products that they offer. Tell them that Amber from Dayton Moms Blog sent you! I promise you that they will leave you feeling happy and taken care of.


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