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Mompreneurs Glossary

There has never been a better time to be your own boss –

especially for mamas!!! 

Mompreneur (noun):

The umbrella term for women who are both moms and entrepreneurs/biz owners/side hustlers/etc.

I just call these ladies badasses.

Mompreneurs Glossary

If you’ve got the guts and you’ve got the ideas – GO FOR IT.  Here are some classifications along the ‘self-employed’ spectrum to help clarify where you are or where you want to go.  No particular order.


Business Owners:

You have purchased a business, perhaps a franchise or a small business. Or you have created and opened your own business whether online or brick and mortor – but it is a type of business that already exists. Ex:  Starting and owning a hair salon, starting a gym, purchasing a franchise to operate like Subway, taking over your parents insurance business.


Side Hustlers:

You have a full-time job, but have a deep passion for another idea that you pursue. For some, you want it to stay as a side hustle – perhaps for extra income, different revenue streams, or just truly enjoy it.  For some, you’re looking to take the side hustle into your full-time gig as it grows and you can replace your income. A super good place to start for wading into the self-employed world. Ex: Starting a blog on the side, starting a podcast, independent consulting, or speaking. 



You create a business from an idea that hasn’t been done before. Also called a ‘start-up’ entrepreneur sometimes in the tech world. The scariest, riskiest self-employment. You create all the processes and products from scratch. Usually the solution to whatever problem they solve is scaleable. Ex: Founder/creators of Facebook, Uber, Toms and most franchise models. 



You’re like sooooooo thinking about it. You dabble, you buy a web domain, you learn all you can about being your own boss. You think you’ve got a super great idea. You should probably get off your britches and GO FOR IT! You’ll never know until you try!   Ex:  All those people you know who should start something of their own 🙂 


Independent Sales Reps:

You’re technically ‘self-employed’ because you’re an independent contractor and not classified as an employee. You didn’t create the product or business processes – but you sell it on your own time, schedule, and as much or as little as you want without much oversight.  Pretty awesome gig for those looking for extra income and are sales oriented. Ex: Beachbody/Rodan & Fields sales reps, or any of those direct sales businesses. 


Independent Contractors:

You have a field of specialty that you can do for another’s business or a particular vendor, but you have the ability to do that same job for different vendors/clients. There are lots of legal rules to help determine if you are an employee or independent contractor. Often your wage is determined by the vendor you work for. You’re responsible for your own accounting and taxes. Ex: Personal trainers, hairstylists, accountants.



You offer your value and skills to clients on your own time, and on a case-by-case contract with each client. You are totally self-employed and take on as much or as little work as you’d like. You set your wages for each job – yah!  You market yourself, often you work from your home and making visits/meetings with clients when necessary. Ex: Graphic designers, writers, artists/photographers.  



Get out there and share your skills mamas! 



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