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Miami Valley Moms Part IV – Nikki

Welcome to Part IV of the Miami Valley Moms series – where we moms get to know each other and the Dayton area.  Here we will interview moms all over the Miami Valley to get their opinion on everything from their favorite place for a date night to great parks in the area.


  1. Name: Nikki James
  2. Age of children: 1 – Son (2) & 2 – Daughters (6 & 9)
  3. Location: Centerville
  4. Describe your parenting style in one word: Evolving
  5. What is your favorite place to dine with children:  Chipotle
  6. What is your favorite date night restaurant: Carvers or Thai 9
  7. If you were going to meet a friend for a drink – where would we find you? Lock 27 (They have an amazing beer selection & the Smoked Chicken Wings are delicious)
  8. App on Your Phone you can’t live without: Instagram
  9. What cleaning product could you not live without: Clorox Wipes
  10. Favorite festival or event in Dayton to take your family to? Americana Festival in Centerville – especially the 4th of July parade (Did you know this event attracts over 75k people & is one of the largest 4th of July celebrations in the country…the kids play area is especially amazing)
  11. Favorite Non-Profit? Adopt Together (Please check out this non-profit – amazing idea of helping families fund adoption through crowdfunding)
  12. Favorite Quote:  “Oh darling let’s be adventurers” – it is our theme for the Summer.
  13. Guilty Pleasure: Medium Iced Vanilla coffee from McDonalds
  14. Favorite Word: Peace
  15. Best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten & from whom: My Great-Grandmother –who was 104 years old told me and anyone else who had a newborn that “Babies are like little puzzles – you just have to work and try to figure the pieces out”.
  16. Biggest fear about raising your children: Teenagers – them becoming teenagers.  It’s like they will be ticking time bombs.  How will I know I can send them out in the world and they will make good decisions? 
  17. Favorite playground or park: Patricia Allyn Park for the incredible playground & Grant Park’s Nature Playce natural playground.
  18. What do you do daily or weekly to take care of you? I Started working out – which is huge b/c I don’t do anything for myself.
  19. Do you have a go to recipe for your family – what is it – will you share it:  I don’t cook  we eat at Chipotle. 
  20. Anything last tip about Dayton you want to share with other mommas in Dayton? We love the newly renovated Medlar Bikeway just past Austin Landing.  It is so amazing!


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