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Guide to Children’s SPRING Re-Sales in Dayton

A Guide to Children's Spring Re-Sales in Dayton 2016

Mom’s Sales can be a great way to control your budget when you are providing a wardrobe for children
who are growing faster than they can wear out their clothes.

This is a Guide to Children’s Spring Re-Sales in Dayton. Think of a cross between a consignment shop & a garage sale, and you’ll have a Mom’s sale.

There may be some variations among organizations who plan a Mom’s sale. Typically Moms are invited to sell their unwanted items and they price their own items. Moms are given a unique ID number that they use to tag all of their items. Moms work together to sort and display items. When purchases are made, the tags are saved and then money is divided based on sales as identified by the unique ID number. Some organizations are starting to use online systems and bar codes. So, the Moms who sell will make money on their items. Some organizations take a small percentage of sales.

It seems to be a win-win for everyone. The Mom who is the seller gets to make money on her own unwanted items. The Mom who is the buyer gets to find great bargains. The organization hosting the sale makes money from taking a small percentage of each sale.You can get name-brand clothing at a fraction of what it costs brand-new!  But that’s not all – you can find such a variety of items, from videos to video games, from baby bottles to raincoats – just about anything a family could need.

A few quick tips:

  • Bring a bag to shop with! Most sales do not provide bags. If you plan to purchase a lot, it is particularly helpful to have a large bag.
  • Bring cash! Some sales have access to a few credit card machines but having cash will speed up the process.
  • Go early! Many moms try to get to sales early to have best selection of bargains.

Upcoming Local Sales: 

Twig 45 Moms Mart- Vandalia

Sat. 3/19; 9-1pm
Vandalia Butler High School

Beavercreek Consignment

March 22-24
Holiday Inn – Fairborn

Twig 3 Moms Market

Sat. April 16; 9-1pm
Austin Landing parking garage

Saturday, April 23 9 -2pm
7001 Far Hills Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45459
Sat. April 30; 9-12:30
  Bellbrook Middle School

Dayton Family Network Mega Moms Sale

Sat. June 1; 10-1pm

Trent Arena

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