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Practical Ways to Survive the Holiday Hubbub

Snow days. Jingle bells. Too much “all things peppermint.” Gifts to buy. Gifts to receive. Kids who need to play outdoors but its a windchill of 22 degrees OR it’s just too much work to bundle their squirmy selves up. Yup. Holidays. Hubbub. It is glorious. It is advil-inducing. It all goes hand in hand.

December is our busiest month. Not because we celebrate Christmas, but because we celebrate Christmas, two birthdays and an anniversary within 5 days. It’s crazy pants. It’s our life. It also takes devoted focus regarding keeping the “reason for the season” at the forefront of my mind, and in turn, survive the hubbub that revolves around everything during these moments. Insert some practical survival methods.

  1. Disconnect – that’s right. Unplug from social media. If you did not see my most recent adventure turned blog post, check it out. It involved all things disconnecting, and it was seriously a game changer. Step away from the infamous “keeping up with the Jones'” temptations and just do your thing. Ignore the nonstop posts and relax. Cook. Shop. Read. Play board games with kids. It adds another level of crazy when you include non stop Facebook stalking to your already unending list of December event preparations. Just say no. Who cares what your friends throw under the tree, or what deals they found. Trust me. It’s an overall metamorphosis of your mind and soul. It has literally changed me and my view of life since social media has come into existence. Just take a break, friend, and connect with another aspect of your life during this already intense time of the year. Avoid the social media hubbub.
  2. Serve – locate an organization, a friend in need of an extra hand, a mama who is losing her mind – and serve them. Whatever that may look like. Deliver a meal, offer to take their kiddos one afternoon so she can grocery shop without pulling her hair out, donate monetarily or volunteer in person for a non-profit. Give and serve. If you can do this with your kids in tow – even better. If you can’t – do it any way you can. We have chosen to gather some items for a local organization I featured earlier in the year,  Angels for Anna, as my kiddos have learned the philosophy behind this organization from earlier in the year ( and it involves one trip to the store for me). I have also reached out to some friends to see if they want to get involved with us. Its a practical and easy way for kids to grasp hold of serving others. Try it now and then hang on to it throughout the year. The holiday season is not the only time organizations are in need of donations, but perhaps this time of the year is a good starting point for you. Whatever the reason, starting is the first step!
  3. Eat – as my Nana and Zia would say – MANGIA! Enjoy this time of the year and all the goodies that come with it. Life is about balance, so be sure to enjoy a night out once in a while, splurge on dessert, grab that coffee while doing your errands, and sneak an extra slice of pizza. It’s all within reason friends. There are so many great local gems around Dayton – and in between shopping for the best deals on your Christmas list – you should try one! A few of my personal favorites are Roost, KupBop,  and Taquiera Chiapas. Enjoy the eats!
  4. Move – get your sweat on. It is definitely tempting to hibernate during these cold, long, winter months; but moving and getting the heart pumping is one of the best things you can do.  Your body releases endorphins when you exercise, and these little hormonal friends help with your energy levels, promote sleep, help deal with stress, and thus, in turn, can help with your immunity (because we all need sleep and energy to fight the bugs!). Take a brisk walk, spend an hour at the gym, or keep up with your already regular routine. Whatever it is, just move, your body and your holiday-hubbubbed out brain will thank you.
  5. Enjoy  – Amidst all of that hubbub, simply enjoy the moments. Looks past the lists, the grocery bags, the piles of laundry and the unending need to buy more scotch tape (because we all run out inevitably while wrapping our final gift ). Snuggle your babies, watch the snow fall, skip the laundry and watch a movie with your friends and/or family. Enjoy the season, because once the holiday hubbub is over – another hubbub will begin. Embrace it!

How do you survive this holiday season? Any tricks or traditions you maintain to get you through this time of year? Please share!

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