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My Fit Chick Journey Begins Now

I’ll start once I’m done having kids or at least when the boys are both in school? How about when I’m not as tired as I feel now? These are the excuses I have given myself for years to not exercise. I am a loved wife, proud mother of two 11891482_10207569039204006_5366538713055387152_obeautiful boys and the owner of a postpartum doula business dedicated to empowering new mothers. My calendar is packed, all with good things, but things that are focused on the daily success of everyone else around me but myself. My husband helped me come to a realization a few weeks ago that I should hold myself to the same expectations and passion to take care of myself as I do for the mothers I work with and are friends with.

The next day I sought out a bootcamp-style women’s exercise group. I have tried gym memberships, at home workout dvds, and running. All these things bored me to death, as well as allowed me to stop when I became the least bit uncomfortable. I need cheerleaders, others working out with me as encouragement, and someone to come along side me and push me past my comfort zone to where I can reach new milestones.

This is where Fit Chicks Bootcamp and owner Katie Ly came in. I sought Katie out after reading about her bootcamp online. I was drawn to her passion, drive and and purpose to serve women, this was something that we have in common! I was scheduled to start with the Fit Chicks a few weeks after our phone call and I was as anxious as I was excited. I hadn’t exercised consistently in years, this workout happened to be at 5:30 in the morning everyday. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew that this was going to be the beginning of something new and amazing for me! My Fit Chick Journey Begins Now!!

Outdoor Stability Ball PassMonday morning at 5:30 came early, waaaaay early! I was pumped and ready to go though. I showed up at the parking lot of South Metro Sports in Centerville where I was joined by about 20 other women with yoga mats and weights in tow. I was greeted by everyone right away and welcomed like I had been there from day one. During the hour workout – packed full of interval cardio and weight exercises -I was pushed far beyond what I thought I could do and was left with an amazing feeling of accomplishment. Katie and all the members of Fit Chicks Boot Camp manage to foster an environment of friendship, comradery, accountability, and encouragement that is contagious! I’m going to be sharing my journey with the Fit Chicks with you over the next three months. I hope that each of you come away from each post encouraged, empowered and with a desire to love yourselves so you can continue to love on those you come in contact with each day. I’m incredibly excited for this life change. I’ve already come away with friendship, self confidence, and a love of working out and it’s only been four weeks!

If you are interested in joining me in person, at bootcamp, with

Fit Chicks follow the link here to contact Katie and sign up!

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