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For Everyone Who Cares for Young Children

Did you know over one million new brain connections grow every second of a young child’s life from birth to three years old? That’s over 94 trillion brain connections. Our children are born full of promise. And as the adults in their lives, we have the responsibility to keep their minds active, their bodies healthy, and their hearts happy.

4C for Children supports everyone who cares for young children in our community. They offer family resources for learning at home, help families find child care and understand the importance of high-quality early childhood experiences, and educate early childhood professionals.  

When I was pregnant, I didn’t realize how much 4C for Children had already impacted my life. Growing up with a child care administrator for a mom and three sisters who seemed baby obsessed, I felt like I was missing a gene. I had no interest in children. I didn’t babysit – I was the baby! Even as a teenager, I wasn’t drawn to babies like other girls my age.

But, when we added our little girl to the family last year, everything changed. It felt so natural to care for her. I realized I knew I lot more than I gave myself credit for.

We often parent like we were parented – and we are influenced by the moms around us. How they talk to their children, the strategies they use for child guidance and what they believe about child development. The respect they give their child’s interests and needs, and how they scaffold to support the individual abilities of their children affect me.

As childcare professionals, 4C for Children had been influencing my sisters and mom for many years. And I greatly benefited. How can 4C for Children help you?

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When a child receives the best care and education in their earliest years, they’ll be successful throughout their life.

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