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3 Ways to Make a Difference to Foster Children in Dayton

Ways to Make a Difference to Foster Children in DaytonFostering is heavy on my mind. Although it has taken a bit longer than expected, my husband and I will be fully certified foster parents by the end of the week! We want a big family. We love kids. We want to make a difference.
I know a lot of other families want to make a difference, too. But, sometimes, for whatever reason, fostering isn’t an option. There is a growing need in the area, but many do not realize that there are ways to help out other than fostering. Here are three options in the Dayton area:
  • The Timberline Project – This is a great organization that provides support to youth aging out of the foster program. My family and I attended the Yeck Trek event, and it was loads of fun! We followed a trail at the Bill Yeck park in Centerville, the kids did a scavenger hunt, and there were prizes and inflatables at the end of the hike. The Timberline Project holds fun events such as this to raise money for their program that supports youth aging out of foster care through mentoring, therapy and a week long camping trip in the Rocky Mountains. They are always accepting donations, too!
  • Cuddling drug addicted babies – Aching to hold a newborn? There are many who need some extra love waiting at Dayton Children’s. Check out their volunteer website here.
  • Decorating Duffle bags for foster children – Children enter the foster system in a very traumatic way. Often, these kids have nothing but a trash bag in which to pack up their personal items. This is a great program for families and even children to get involved and help make a difference in the lives of traumatized youth. Check out their website here.

Do you know of some other ways we can help foster children in the Dayton area?

We would love to hear them!


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