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And Away we Go!

I don’t know about you but everyday I feel like I graduate to another level of parenthood. Most of these levels are fun and make me feel encouraged and powerful…but a few leave me panting, exhausted and stressed. As was one level I hit very recently…the first time traveling with a baby.

and-away-we-goMy grandmother passed away which meant we had to take an unplanned quickly timed trip to Cleveland. Already under stress from the sudden passing I was overwhelmed with the thought of traveling my just-now-getting-on-a-good-sleeping-schedule 11 month old. Alas, it had to be done so I kicked in to prep mode.

As I scrubbed the house from top to bottom…the obvious and most important thing in situations such as this…I processed every aspect of our days noting what I would need from bathing products to clothes to food. I mentally prepared lists as I quietly glared at my husband for not understanding the plight he didn’t know I was going through…after all shouldn’t he be able to read my mind?! Over the course of two days the house was cleaner then it had ever been, the laundry was completely done, the dog was situated I had carefully packed for myself and daughter and as I watched my husband pack for himself in seconds…we were ready to go.

Having gotten packed and going I was feeling a bit more comfortable with our voyage. We arrived quickly and without incident and the hotel had the refrigerator I needed for her food…and we had managed to stay on schedule with the day…breakfast, naps, lunch…this was happening! The next day or so was fast and furious but she did great, I did great and my husband was awesome…why was I worried?!

In all fairness being a new mom is scary and doing new things as a new mom is scarier…but as with everything it tends to work itself out and I am happy to report we maintained a pretty decent sleeping schedule!

When’s our next trip?

What tips and tricks do you have for traveling with kids?

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