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Family Photo Shoot FAQs

As we watch the weather warm up (then cool down and warm up..then snow) and our inboxes fill with Spring’s new clothes lines, family pictures may pop into your mind. Maybe your Facebook feed is starting to be sprinkled with ads for Family photo sessions. I wanted to share with you some common questions photographers get and try to answer them. We photographers really only have one goal in mind. Create images that give you all the feels every time you look at it and keep your family safe.

So I polled some of my most trusted peeps in the industry as to what questions we frequently get and explain why you may get the answer you do. Here we go!!
(PS – many of the photographers I talked to are listed on our handy local photog guide you can find HERE.)

Question 1: Can you just snap a few images and/or give us the RAW files?
9 times out of 10, the answer will be no for both. If you are looking for a mini session, always ask if a photographer has a mini event coming up or offers smaller sessions.

RAW files. To explain why we say no, I’ll explain what they are first. Most photographers use a setting that keeps the image at it’s highest quality, called RAW files. They are essentially like undeveloped film. Unless you have a way to view them with special software (think dropping film off at a photo lab), they’re useless to you. Plus, it’s like going to order an amazing cake from a bakery…like the wicked intricate Pinterest cake with layers and flowers that is stunning…but you ask them to give you just the cake layers. You picked the bakery and the cake because of the finished product, that’s what you should hope to get. Let us do all the work for you!

Question 2: Will you have live bunnies and chicks?
No. A few reasons on this one. To use live animals as props, you have to hire specific animal professionals to be on set to oversee the welfare of the animals. You also need a special license and your facility must be inspected by the USDA prior to the sessions. Sadly, It’s not uncommon for animals to die or be too stressed out from being handled over and over. A baby chick or bunny really can’t withstand the overly excited squeeze of a toddler. It happens way more often than one would think. Plus, you spend so much on those cute clothes why would you want to chance animal poop or pee! EEEWWWWWW!!!! We can incorporate family pets, but can’t use animals commercially as props.

Question 3: Can we have our shoot on Railroad Tracks?
PLEASE. PLEASE pa-lease don’t ask this of your photographer! And don’t try to do it on your own! It’s illegal to be on tracks or within 50’ of either side. Like federal trespassing charges, up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for the photographers and the clients. Tracks are uneven and rocky, so twisted ankles, falls and accidents are just waiting to happen. Need another reason? It’s deadly. About 1000 people every year are killed or injured on tracks; a handful of those are during photo ops. A newly pregnant mom was killed last month trying to get out of the way of one train during a photo shoot and stepped in front of one coming the other way she didn’t see or hear. Trains are incredibly silent as they approach and take about a mile of tracks to stop. I’m wickedly over cautious; I admit it. But the train always win vs a human.

Question 4: Can we get the full gallery by the end of the week?
It never hurts to ask BEFORE your shoot in the booking phase about turnaround time! We understand you may want them for a gift or need a fast turnaround. Just let us know when you’re booking so we can plan it out. Otherwise you will go in the queue with a standard wait.

Question 5: Can you make it all black and white except my eyes?
This is called selective color and was popular in the 90’s along with JNCO jeans, platform sneakers and the Spice Girls. Let’s just right now all vowel to leave that super dated look in the 90’s and remember it fondly! And PLEASE don’t add filters to them when you post on social media! I get they’re fun for your snap shots, just all don’t look great on professional images.

Happy photo sessions!!

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