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Buying for Baby the 2nd Time Around

Let’s be honest, when you start preparing for your first child you, your family and friends go a bit over board. First off, you’re new at this! You’re likely to go off a list provided by retailers (which will have you buying EVERYTHING they have to offer) or feel you need everything that you find in those baby registry “swag” bags they give you. You find many lists online via Pinterest or other blogs, ranging from minimalist to organic and must-have themes. Then there are those that choose to go rouge and buy to their hearts desire.

The first time around, I went rouge. I was having a girl and it looked like a unicorn puked on half of my apartment. Everything was some shade of pink or purple. I had every gadget they had to offer at the time, and a wardrobe for said child ranging from newborn to 3T. Other than the clothes, nearly everything ended up being resold on Craigslist or local resale shops within the first year because at the end of the day I didn’t need half of the stuff I’d purchased. I got caught up in the notion that if I didn’t provide my daughter with all of these “things”, I wasn’t doing right by her and not being the parent I could be. Oh, how naive I was.

Fast forward 7 years and here I am, once again on the verge of *new* motherhood and I’m starting from square one. I have NOTHING left from when Miss Charlotte was born. Other than some keepsake items, not a stitch of baby anything exists in our home. Luckily, this time around we’re a bit older, a bit wiser, and more financially sound. I know the difference between a baby item “want” and a baby item “need”. I also know the importance of quality over quantity. Will I splurge on an item or two this time? Definitely, because I remember having to replace the cheaper once or twice the first time. However, will I try to buy big ticket items during a sale or markdown, heck to the yes I will.

If my mama taught me anything, it’s how to shop a sale or clearance rack (hence the clothing size range when I had my first baby) and walk away with what I wanted at a price I could actually afford. Since affordability is such an important aspect at this stage in my life, I plan to implement a few ground rules with this new baby.

  • One being a cash at hand buying rule. If it’s not a crucial baby item and I don’t have the cash at hand to pay for it in full, then it’s a “put it down and walk away slowly” kind of deal.
  • Price comparison shopping is a major DO. With the few items we’ve already purchased (travel system, baby swing, and diaper bag) I was sure to whip out my phone and look at a few major retailers and price compare before making the purchase.

Just by doing these two simple things I think I’m already on a financially successful track this time around.

As “G” day (gender reveal) approaches I find myself giddy with excitement over the shopping aspect but can now reel that in to a manageable notion. I simply can’t wait to give this little person a true identity and name, prepare our family for their arrival and prepare our home so it’s a safe and comfortable environment for him/her. This new baby is such a blessing and welcome addition to our family and I just can’t wait for the adventure to truly begin – in the grand scheme of things, the stuff is just that… stuff. 

A special thank you to today’s guest blogger, Samara.

Samara’s Bio: My name is Samara and I’m a SAHM living in the city of Dayton with my Fiancé. I have a 6 year old daughter who just finished up kindergarten and a new baby due this Christmas! As a family we love cooking, the outdoors, and checking out local festivals and events. Personally I love a good history non-fiction book, traveling and refurbishing treasures we find at thrift and antique stores. I absolutely love this city of ours and the many things it has to offer my family and look forward to sharing our life and adventures with you all! 

One Response to Buying for Baby the 2nd Time Around

  1. Suzanne Hines August 6, 2017 at 4:27 pm #

    I could not agree more! Although I had three babies in two years (on through the foster care system).
    I found that I dud not need a quarter of the stuff that was “necessary”. I did find that each kid preferred different things, but buying second hand and finding good deals is absolutely the way to go!!!