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How We Always Take the Perfect Picture

A year ago exactly we found out we were expecting. The day was filled with equal parts joy and horror and now I’m sitting here with a 3-month-old on my lap whose cheeks are just begging to be kissed. 
Every time she falls asleep on me like this (which is everyday), I automatically want to grab my phone for a picture. I want to find the perfect angle, the perfect light. I want everyone to ooh and aah at her preciousness. 
The problem is, she’s not in the best light and angle all the time. Before 5:00 this morning my clothes were ruined and the washer was already spinning blow out and spit up casualties.  She drools like a bulldog and sweats like, well, me. No matter how many baths or wipe downs, there’s always milk in her chin rolls and lint in her toes. 
This is probably because we get on the floor and roll around too much to stay clean. Because, since she’s actually a human baby, she expels bodily fluids at a rapid rate.  
I don’t see any of this on Instagram or Pinterest. 
Actually, I was pretty surprised by pregnancy a year ago. I had horrible morning sickness throughout and never expected the struggle that was to come. All I saw were pictures of pregnant mamas glowing and holding their bump as if it were going to fall if they didn’t.
Did I have it worse than all these women? Was I doing something wrong?  
When it came to preparing for the birth of baby, it seemed like I was doing it wrong again. I didn’t have a birth photographer, a newborn going home outfit, or birth announcements for the mail. And, I found out pretty quickly how people felt about it. 
Not one person asked where my birth announcements were or when I was going to put her in her personalized clothes. No one asked to see my birth pictures or when I was going to get them. They all just wanted to see my baby. In all of her preciousness. 
I am so glad I didn’t waste time hunting for the perfect hair bow or swaddle. I’m glad I’ve fought the urge to look for the perfect light, the perfect angle. I like that my pictures have shadows and my pajama pants in the background. It’s our perfect life and the perfect picture. 
So even though she has six chins and a stained onesie, I will take a picture of her shadowed baby rolls all day long. And then I will ooh and aah because she is picture perfect. 

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