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The Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Experience: As Told by Two Local Moms

This post is part of a sponsored relationship between Dayton Moms Blog and Aqua-Tots, however we would not partner with a business we did not feel brought value to our readers. Opinions expressed are 100% authentic.


Recently, two members of the Dayton Moms Blog team were given the opportunity to try out and reflect on their experiences with swim lessons at Aqua-Tots in Springboro. It’s no wonder they won Best of Dayton, because their experiences have been awesome! They love the awesome environment, fabulous instructors, and a critical focus on safety!

We don’t view swimming as an activity – we view it as a life skill as critical as potty training or eating with silverware. Our kids will not die if they can’t kick a soccer ball or catch a baseball. But, even if you never plan for it, at some point they will be near water – and you want them to know what to do!

Monica, Veteran Aqua-Tots Mom

As fun as swimming is, the danger of water is very real! According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related death to children ages one through 14. It is absolutely crucial that all kids know how to swim at a young age, so we are thankful to get started with swim lessons at AquaTots in Springboro.

Lisa, New Aqua-Tots Mom

Musings from Monica, a veteran Aqua-Tots mom:

Monica’s kiddos have been taking lessons at Aqua-Tots in Springboro for two years now and she has been thrilled to see their progression. Read on to hear a little more about her family’s experience…

“My son (Miles) started at Aqua-Tots when he was 3 and my daughter (Miro) when she was almost 1-year old. We have been going consistently for almost 2-years. Miro began in the parent child Minnows class. This was an excellent way for my husband and her to bond and a chance for mommy to spend 30-minutes sans-kids on the sidelines. What I liked best about her class is that they focused on teaching them safety, even at such a young age. I also like that they begin slowly letting them go under water – which is surprising at first – but the kids love it! She mastered back floating in this class and all before she even turned 1.  

Miles began as a Leapfrog – which is the first level of classes that a child goes in solo with the instructor. He was hesitant as he is my shy one and he was not super thrilled to be going in without one of us. Aqua-Tots is totally prepared for this hesitation. The instructors employ various techniques to improve the experience – including my sons favorite – riding on the instructors back!

In our time there, both kids have graduated to other levels where their confidence and skills continue to grow. We also love that we’ve been able to get both of the kids in classes at the same time – or at least close to the same time – so that we were super efficient.  Shortly after starting at Aqua-Tots we opted to put Miles into a semi-private lesson which allows him to be in a class with a 2:1 ratio with the teacher. We went with this option to help him move ahead faster and we felt more swim time would help him excel. It did.

Although right now Miles is little better swimmer, the Aqua-Tots instructors do a great job ensuring the kids’ individual needs are met.  They both love being in class together.”

We feel like family at Aqua-Tots, we have loved our experience and most importantly we trust them to teach our children these life-saving skills. 

Some thoughts from Lisa, who is new to the Aqua-Tots experience:

Lisa’s boys are new to lessons at Aqua-Tots and they are all enjoying the experience so far!

“On our first day, we received an orientation and tour. We felt very welcomed as staff took the time to learn our names. The facility is simply fantastic. The pool is warm and well-supervised. There is an observation area with chairs and small tables for parents. There is a large bathroom and dressing area to get changed before and after swim lessons. There are plenty of hairdryers so our little ones don’t have to go outside with a wet head. The facility was clean and organized. 

On the first day, Kasyn was called to get in the water with 2 peers and 1 male instructor – who he loved! He had no fear jumping in and getting started. Within the first 3 lessons, I have already seen a huge improvement! After each lesson, the instructor gives me a brief run down of progress during the lessons, which lets me know what they are focusing on and anything I can do to help my son to do better each week. He is already using his arms more effectively and starting to appear to be more coordinated. I’m excited to see continued progress!

Whether you are new to the Aqua-Tots experience or you have been around  a while, both of our mamas agree that there is A LOT to love.

See some Aqua-Tots fun and hear about the experience below.

Here are some of their favorite things:

  • Small class size. (Maximum of 4 students per class!)
  • Fun with Learning at EVERY age.
  • Consistent staff.
  • Learning skills that could save their lives.
  • Emphasis on safety and skill. 
  • Amazing facility. 
  • Generous make-up policy, in case you miss a class.
  • They are GREAT at working with timid swimmers!
  • Comfortable parents area. (It’s a perk – you have to sit for 30 minutes!)
  • Organic lollipops after class & birthday treats. (Monica’s son insisted on this addition to the list!)
  • Constant feedback from staff ensures that my kids are continuing to make progress. 
  • Happy, tired kids when they are finished!
  • Swim lessons could turn into a sport in the future. 

While both Monica and Lisa have become huge fans of the Aqua-Tots experience, you don’t have to take their word for it. Stop by and see it for yourself! The staff at Aqua-Tots would love the chance to show you around and answer any questions you might have about getting your kids into the water!

Follow Aqua-Tots on Facebook for details on Family Swim. It’s just $5 a family and a great way to check it out!


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