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Our Summer Bucket List

“I’m bored!”

“It’s hot!”

“I just want to play on my tablet!”

Ahhhh.. the sounds of summer!  Well, not exactly the sounds we want to hear.  I don’t know about you but I’d much rather hear birds chirping, kids laughing, water splashing, and fires crackling.  One of the ways we combat boredom and well as keep us on track to accomplish all we want to do is a Bucket List. 

A friend of mine posted a picture on Facebook of her family’s bucket list a while ago.  And while I always have a bit of a game plan in the back of my mind, it looked fun.  So last winter our family sat down with paper and crayons and created our first Christmas Bucket List.  We started checking items off from the weekend of Thanksgiving and finished off just before going back to school.  It was a lot of fun.  A bucket list may not eliminate all the “I’m bored” comments, it should help keep kids engaged and excited. 

For our summer list, I sat down with my girls and asked them for some ideas.  My husband had a few ideas as did I.  I wrote them down and drew a little picture next to each one.  Just for fun.  I hung it up on a pantry door.  Now for the most fun of all – checking off the items! Some items we’ll do more than once and we’ll check off twice.

A couple of pointers for creating a list for your family:

  • Be generic – instead of saying a walk at Delco Park, just say a walk.  This puts an element of surprise in.  Also allows for greater flexibility
  • Be spontaneous – instead of saying. “Friday we will get ice cream”, wait until Friday, have the kids get all ready for bed in their PJs and all of a sudden, instead of tucking them in, whisk them away for ice cream.  One of our kid’s favorite memories was when we went to the park in PJs.  They were so excited!
  • Be open – nothing is too small.  My oldest wanted to include “take the puppy for a walk”.  Sometimes it’s just about the satisfaction of checking off an item!

If you’re ready to create your own bucket list here are a few of our favorites.

  • Go to a new park   The suburbs of Dayton (as well as Dayton itself) have lots of parks.  We live in Kettering and I realized last summer there are numerous parks in our town that we haven’t yet visited. We made it a point to visit a few new ones.  There are still more there we have yet to explore so that is definitely on our list.
  • Bowling – even in summer we need indoor activities.  Either to beat the heat or hide from the rain.  There is a website that you can sign your kids up and they can bowl free all throughout the summer.
  • Paintball – this is new on our list and I hope I don’t regret it!  I saw that a craft shop sells washable paint balls you throw and they explode on you.  How fun!  This may be a fun activity for a day that we also want to bring out the sprinkler.
  • Go to a splash pad – Our area also has amazing splash pads.  This free and fun activity is sure to bring smiles and laughter.
  • Bake a cake – because – CAKE!
  • Go camping – Have a bonfire.  Make s’mores.  Catch lightning bugs.  All things we will probably do anyway.  But when it’s intentional and purposeful it seems to have more meaning.

Have you made a summer bucket list?  Or are you thinking of one?  Share your best ideas and pictures in the comments!

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