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See You at the Fair: Guide to Southwest Ohio County Fairs {2018}

It’s finally summertime in Ohio, and with the arrival of July comes hours of sunshine, popsicles and watermelon, time spent outdoors, and COUNTY FAIRS! 

The county fair is one of my favorite places to spend a summer day. It’s wonderful entertainment for all ages! There are booths and vendors, food, animals and livestock, entertainment shows, concerts, demolition derby’s, horse races and rides for the kids. It’s easy to spend all day at the fair! 

Tips and Tricks: 

  • Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and eat at the car before heading into the fair. This helps curb spending an outrageous amount of money on fair food. Make sure to bring lots of water as it can get hot! 
  • Give each person in the family a set amount of money to spend. They can spend it on whatever they would like (food, games, 2 MORE fidget spinners), but once it’s gone, it’s gone. 
  • Before entering in the gates, clearly go over rules and expectations with your children. Fairs can be crowded and there are many ways kids can get distracted or lost. Pick a meeting spot and an action plan if someone were to be separated from the family (Some good meeting spots are the Ferris wheel, the entrance, or the police “station”) 
  • Entry prices vary, but usually an entrance fee will include entrance into the fair, animal and display barns. Grandstand events may be free but usually cost an additional admission fee. Kids rides are based on ticket entries, and tickets can be purchased at the gate or near the rides. The unlimited ride wristbands are almost always worth it if you have a child who will ride more than one ride. 
  • Don’t forget to check out all the animal and food exhibits! There are some AMAZING animals and amazing baked and crafted goods at the fair! Many 4H kids have worked all year to show their prize animals, and most are quite a sight to see! 
  • Don’t forget to check out a schedule of events before deciding which day to go. Concerts, exhibitions and shows are all scheduled for different days of the week.  
  • Noise cancelling headphones for the kids are a must! Fairs can be loud and events (like the demo derby) can be even louder! 

Here is your Dayton Mom’s Blog guide to our local county fairs
(plus the Ohio State Fair!). 

Clinton County: Located at 950 W. Main St. Wilmington, OH
July 7-14
Admission: $10 at the gate (under 5 is free), daily or weekly passes and discounts available 
Don’t Miss: Demo Derby on July 7th 

Montgomery County: Located at 1043 S. Main St.  Dayton
July 9-15
$10 at the gate (under 6 is free) 
Don’t Miss:
Price includes grandstand events and parking 

Warren County: Located at 665 N. Broadway Lebanon, OH
July 16-21
 $8 Tues-Sat (under 8 is free)
Don’t Miss: 
$5 admission on Monday

Clarke County: Located at 4401 S. Charleston Pike Springfield, OH
July 20-27
$6 at the gate (under 5 is free), daily or weekly passes and discounts available
Don’t Miss: 
Free admission on the 20th until noon!

Ohio State Fair: Located at 717 E. 17th Ave. Columbus, OH
July 25-August 5th 
Admission: $10 adults, $8 children 5-12, kids under 5 free. There are many discounts and promotional entries available listed here.  
Don’t Miss: The Ohio State Fair is one of the largest fairs in our nation and boasts concerts, roving entertainment, games, attractions, livestock, shopping and so much more. 

Greene County: Located at 120 Fairground Rd. Xenia, OH
July 29-August 4th 
Admission: $5 pre-purchased tickets; $6 at the gate (under 10 is free), daily or weekly passes and discounts available 
Don’t Miss: Calf Scramble and Tractor Pulls; Family Day on Wednesday, August 1st 

Miami County: Located at 650 N. County Rd. 25-A Troy, OH 
August 10-16 
$5 at the gate (under 8 is free), daily or weekly passes and discounts available 
Don’t Miss: 
This fair honors any couple who has been married for 50+ years by giving them FREE admission! 

Champaign County: Located at 384 Park Ave. Urbana 
August 3-10
Event Calendar Coming Soon 

Don’t see your county fair included in this list? Check out this site for more information!


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