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5 Hidden Gems in the Gem City

Did you know that Dayton is called the “Gem City” because of all the hidden gems it houses? It’s true! (Note: This is not true. Most agree that Dayton is called the “Gem City” because it was referred to as a “gem” in the Cincinnati Chronicle in 1845.)

In and around Dayton, Ohio, you’ll find many hidden gems. These are 5 of my favorites. 

1. Crains Run Nature Park (Miamisburg, OH)

The Dayton area has tons of amazing parks. Crains Run Nature Park checks in as a hidden gem due to it’s awesome trails bordering the Great Miami River, including the Great Miami River Trail (89 miles of trail connecting Piqua to Fairfield).

The park also has a play structure, picnic shelter, benches overlooking the river, and is totally fenced along the road. Bike, walk, or drive just a couple of miles to Downtown Miamisburg to grab some local grub or brews.

2. Haven Yoga + Wellness + Play (Middletown, OH)

Imagine a place where you can go relax with some yoga while your kiddos engage in play with music and nature. This place exists just south of Dayton in Middletown.

Haven offers various yoga classes and workshops for adults and children, as well as offering childcare and children’s classes during the adult time.

3. Mike’s Bike Park (Dayton, OH)

This gem probably won’t be so hidden for long. It just recently opened and features an indoor bike park for all ages and abilities.

What makes it a hidden gem? It’s Dayton’s only indoor bike park. The whole family can bring their bikes (limited rentals are available) and helmets and test their cycling ability all year long.

4. Shoup Park (Beavercreek, OH)

You don’t get much cooler than a slide built into a hill; unless you bring wax paper to use as you zoom down that slide!

Shoup Park has a play area with options for kids of all ages and cool tubes you can yell into and hear on the other side of the play area. But what really makes it a hidden gem is the giant slide built into the hill. It’s located near Kroger and lots of places to grab a bite after building your appetite by running up the hill over and over again.

5. Proto Build Bar (Dayton, OH)

A bar on a list of hidden gems for families? Proto Build Bar isn’t a regular bar. They identify as, “part 3D printing lab, part electronic maker space, and part café”. Kiddos can try their luck at the giant claw machine or learn to build with an electronics kit. Even novice builders can create with help from the trained staff!

What would you add to the list?

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