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Sign for Me, Baby!

Many years ago, as an undergraduate student the University of South Carolina, I wrote a research paper about baby sign. From a high level, my paper looked at the developmental benefits of learning manual and verbal language in tandem, and the potential for increased language and intelligence in babies who learn basic sign. The research […]

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Top Knots& Botox

Topknots & Botox

This post is part of a sponsored relationship. We strive to partner with businesses we feel bring value to our readers.I’m a top knot sporting, minivan driving, yoga pants minus the yoga-ing basic mom. No designer purses here, and you’d never mistake me for an extra on Real Housewives of Anywhere. So when the idea […]

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Disney Planning 101

It’s the most magical place on earth, but planning a Disney trip is no cakewalk. It takes time, strategy and planning. The options are pretty much endless at Disney World and thankfully cater to a variety of budgets, needs, and desires. My family made the pilgrimage this summer and this mama has learned a trick or […]

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Round Up at the Panera Bread Register

Round Up at the Panera Bread Register in Support of Flying Horse Farms

This post is part of a sponsored relationship, however, we are excited for the opportunity to help spread the word about the fundraising efforts of this organization and the local camp they are working to support.Giddy up, Dayton moms! During the month of September, Panera Bread locations across Dayton are inviting you to participate in […]

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