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Tales of a Traveling Mom: 5 Lessons I Learned About Traveling with Kids

I used to LOVE to travel. Trains, planes, automobiles, all of them. (Although I get car sick if I try to read in the car, so that is definitely my least favorite mode of traveling long distances.) I’ve always been able to sleep while traveling, and I love to experience new places and adventures. Then […]

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Step AWAY from the Goldfish

Step AWAY from the Goldfish

Back away from the goldfish crackers mama…put them down slowly and no one gets hurt!! There are better options…but what they heck are they? Check out some Toddler Tips for Clean Eating. We’re not looking for perfection, but improvement. Plus, when you eat all the leftovers or extras thrown at you- you’ll be eating clean […]

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How to use reward programs

How to Use Reward Programs… the Strategy!

It seems like every store and restaurant has a rewards program. For example, you buy any given amount at a store and that translates to points which can be added up and traded in for ‘rewards’ or sometimes cash! Meanwhile, the business collects information about your purchase habits. Its an interesting marketing technique that gets […]

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