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10 Ways To Maintain Your Friendship When Your BFF Has Kids

So your BFF has kids now. It’s fine. You knew the day was coming. There was a guy, and then less “girls night out”, then all of the sudden they were multiplying and now she’s asking you to pick up some baby wipes with the wine and to hold her baby so she can shower. […]

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What I really want to write in your baby shower card..

What I really want to write in your baby shower card…

    Instead of “Congrats! You guys will make great parents!” or “So thrilled for your new bundle of joy!” how about we write what that mom-to-be needs to hear: I’ve talked to several girlfriends about this. Right before you have a baby, you rationally and consciously know that “your life is about to change forever,” […]

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The Month I Stopped Complaining

(Spoiler Alert – It was hard & I failed) I believe that what we see in the world is a reflection of what we see in ourselves; therefore, I always try to be keenly aware of what I am hearing and seeing – especially when I start to hear themes. Last month I came to the epiphany that […]

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Change is my Constant

Change Is My Constant

  It was 11pm, I’m at a bar in Chicago on a girls trip and I get a call from my boyfriend, Jeff. “Hey, I got traded to the Angels and I’m leaving tomorrow.” “Uhhhhhhhh, what?” “Ya, I got traded just now.  I got taken off the field, was told to remove my jersey, and […]

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