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Daycare Dilemma :: A First-Timers Guide to What to Look for & What to Ask

Evaluating a place to care for your children is one of the more stressful decisions you will make as a parent. I’ve made it twice. I’ve started at one facility and uprooted my children to go to another facility. I’ve evaluated over 9 places through the years…and this is what I have learned. With my son […]

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The Storybook Challenge for Parents

How many of us have children that we struggle to connect with? Whether they’re 2, 3, 5, 10, or 17, there are times when we just aren’t sure what to say. We aren’t sure how to have a conversation with someone who, while we know them so well, we may not totally understand. I have […]

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Helping Active Students

Helping Active Students Focus In Class

Some students have a difficult time focusing in a classroom environment. It can be frustrating for the student who is always in trouble for not paying attention. It can be frustrating for the teacher who is constantly having to redirect the student. It can be frustrating for the parent to field phone calls from concerned […]

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Homeschooling in Dayton 101: Local Resources

Homeschooling continues to grow in popularity in the U.S. (source) and with that rise in popularity comes an increase in resources available to those who choose home education. The Greater Dayton area has a lot to offer to make home education an easier, more enjoyable experience for families in the Miami Valley. Whether you are […]

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The Leadership Lie

The Leadership Lie – Life with a Tiny Tyrant

Call Your Daughters Leaders… …Unless of Course they are Actually Being Bossy! I am so tired of the articles – spawned I think in part by the book Lean-In – that attempts to banish the word bossy in regards to little girls.  In fact, there is a whole movement and a website by the same […]

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Kindergarten: Ready or Not!

My baby, who was tiny enough to fit snugly inside my tummy less than five years ago, is now being registered for kindergarten! Say what?!?! For the past week or so, I was in a full out anxiety fog. I couldn’t sleep well. I was getting migraines. My mind could not rest. All I could think about was kindergarten.Ok, so this is my first time […]

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The Great Juggling Act – One Child at School and One at Home

  Try as I may, I cannot slow time down. In a few weeks I will become the proud mother of a kindergartner. My oldest son Cooper will be attending a full day of school for the first time. The beautiful thing is that he is the typical over achieving, school loving first born. He thrived in preschool last year, and […]

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Secret Supply Lists: What your child REALLY needs on the first day of school.

Back to school supply lists are everywhere.  2 glue sticks, 2 highlighters, pencils, NO MARKERS  (why such hatred for markers these days?), hand sanitizer, etc.  We become obsessed with purchasing the items from our lists.  We make sure they have the perfect backpack, the perfect lunchbox, and the ever coveted back to school shoes. Upon […]

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3 Uncommon Back 2 School Topics :: Medication, Vaccinations & Lice

There are so many topics & conversations swirling the media for Back 2 School!  Schedules, healthy lunches, savings for supplies & clothes, studies…the list goes on. But there are 3 topics that are less common: Medications, Vaccinations, & Lice.  Today we are taking a moment to discuss a few key pieces of information you should know, on […]

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