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I Survived the First Trimester of my Second Pregnancy

I am here to tell you that I am an incredibly accomplished person. I’ve run a full marathon. I’ve given birth naturally. I’ve become a foster Mom. AND, I have survived the first trimester of a pregnancy. While I had other kids running around. Anyone else feel like this is probably the greatest accomplishment of […]

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25 Reasons I am Thankful for my Village

Cliché you may say, that infamous African proverb,“It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Do I agree? Somedays. Do I disagree? Somedays. It’s one of those sayings that can cause some big dramatic uproar on the parenting front, and I’m not here to chat the ins and outs. Everyone interprets this proverb differently, […]

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When Labor and Delivery Don’t Go as Planned

As I entered through the hospital doors, walked down the short hall to maternity, and headed into the labor and delivery room, I was filled with a million different emotions ranging from fear to excitement to anticipation. Sure I had borrowed informational baby books from the library and read countless birth story experiences written by fellow bloggers online, but as a […]

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When Pregnancy is in Overtime

When Pregnancy is in Overtime

When first finding out you’re expecting, there’s a date mentioned at the initial OB appointment that is months down the road yet controls your life from then on out. Your baby’s due date quickly becomes the end point for your pregnancy countdown. You push through the tough months reminding yourself only three months to go, only three weeks left, […]

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Beach Vacation

When Opinions are Numerous While Expecting

I have always been aware that people have their own opinions on topics, but never did I realize just how adamant others are at sharing said opinions until I found myself expecting. As a first time mom-to-be, I can honestly say that I knew nothing about pregnancy, or labor and delivery, or parenting at the […]

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Why a Babymoon is More than Just a Vacation

Choosing which brand of swaddle or baby carrier to register for can certainly be overwhelming, but navigating all the celebrations that come along with expecting can be an entirely new challenge in itself. Push Presents, Diaper Parties, and Babymoons are no longer just trendy ideas, but instead are mainstream must-do’s for many couples preparing for […]

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You may have to milk yourself

You May Have to Milk Yourself…

15 Tips Your Lactation Consultant Failed to Tell You There are some amazing lactation consultants out there, no doubt. However, your time in the hospital is limited and post-discharge consults are great but typically only happen when someone is desperate.  Here are some specifics I wish my lactation peeps would have made clear. **Note – […]

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Photographer Guide

Coming Soon :: 2015 Guide to Dayton Photographers

A one-stop, online guide to local family photographers throughout the Dayton area. Launching August 2015 Newborn • Children • Maternity • Family • Studio Special Events • Engagement • Wedding If you are a local family photographer and are interested in being listed in this guide, please send an email to [email protected] more information.

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