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The Skinny on

The Skinny on White Christmas

Who would have thought that a Bing Crosby movie could have such an impact on my body image? One of my favorite movies – no matter what time of year – is White Christmas, and it has been since I was young. Every July I pulled the tape (yes, tape) out of its flimsy cardboard […]

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They Just Fit

I always knew there would be a lot of magic in motherhood. But, I could never have imagined all of those little sparks and special moments, nor could I have ever understood what that magic truly felt like until… well… I felt it. Hands down, my favorite part of motherhood has been the way my […]

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Broken Ipad

The Gift of a Broken iPad

I am here to confess something that I didn’t understand was broken in our family and then to tell you the gift we were given. Our family likes technology. Phones and iPads make for easier car rides, calmer dinners out, entertainment and learning options for the kids. We have had loose ground rules around how much […]

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And Away we Go!

I don’t know about you but everyday I feel like I graduate to another level of parenthood. Most of these levels are fun and make me feel encouraged and powerful…but a few leave me panting, exhausted and stressed. As was one level I hit very recently…the first time traveling with a baby. My grandmother passed […]

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