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What I Wish Someone Had Told Me about Postpartum Sex

I distinctly remember the moment it all began. My midwife had just completed her physical examination and she hit me with- “So have you attempted intercourse yet?”. I bust out laughing, noted the serious expression on her face, and realized she was not actually joking. It was my 6-week postpartum visit after the birth of […]

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The Creativity of Covering Up: Breastfeeding & Holiday Gatherings

Tis the season. Gatherings. Work parties. Cookie exchanges. New Years Eve parties. Preschool parties. Middle School parties.  The list goes on. Add to that list the number of breastfeeding mamas attempting to attend these glorious events, feed their milk-crazed babies, forgot the bottles, and still need to stay sane. Oh. And also add to that […]

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My Cure for Breastfeeding Induced Eczema

I’ve been nursing for four years straight. I’ve traveled some bumpy roads on my breastfeeding journey. Namely: nursing while pregnant, tandem nursing, mastitis, co-sleeping, and extreme elimination dieting due to my baby having infant food intolerances. But, the worst of the worst was eczema. Breastfeeding-induced eczema is excruciatingly painful. We’re talking cracking, bleeding, the whole […]

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I Miss Breastfeeding

I Miss Breastfeeding

I miss breastfeeding, there are many of you that think i’m insane for saying that. Maybe I am? Do I miss the sleepless nights, sore and cracked nipples, or my apparent proneness for clogged ducts? Definitely not! My youngest son recently turned three and he was weaned when he was two and a half so our breastfeeding […]

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Office to Airplane

Office to Airplane Tips for the Working-Pumping Mommy

Breast feeding is not easy.  And once you master that art – once you feel like you’ve got that covered – guess what?  Your maternity leave is over.  Now, hopefully you’ve acclimated yourself to your pump from day one and already have a freezer full…even if you have there is a definite transition from pumping […]

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