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Trick-or-Treat? What can’t I eat?

Fall festivities and Halloween are incredibly exciting and fun filled with get togethers, outings and the food. The FOOD!! Who isn’t able look back on an amazing fall get together, hayride, or trick-or-treating night with a single unpleasant memory? Parents whose children have food allergies, that’s who! Our oldest son Cooper has a handful of food allergies that […]

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Secrets of a Thrifty Mom...

My Experience as a Thrifty Mom

I’m a thrifty Mom. I get excited about saving money. I use coupons. I shop at consignment shops. I’m a Mom who is in a tremendous amount of debt due to financing a law degree in addition to marrying a wonderful man who financed his masters degree. We are in debt solely for our education […]

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My Fit Chick Journey Begins Now

I’ll start once I’m done having kids or at least when the boys are both in school? How about when I’m not as tired as I feel now? These are the excuses I have given myself for years to not exercise. I am a loved wife, proud mother of two beautiful boys and the owner […]

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What New Moms

What a New Mom Really Wants

There are times in mother hood when we need each other. Like really need each other. After having a baby is one of those times.  Maybe it’s the surge of hormones. Maybe it’s the tiny little human that is ever dependent on you. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep. Or likely it is the combination […]

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The Power of 15 Minutes

Yup. 15 minutes. That’s all I need. Well, actually I could use 15 hours, but I live with a 3 yr old and a 20 month old. Enough said. I have learned in the last months, as I have bounced between two different personality-blessed children, both with different needs based on ages and preferences, that […]

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we would love nothing more

Are JPEG’s Taking Over Your Computer?

How many of you remember playing a super rad game in elementary school called Oregon Trail. It was always the highlight of the school day. You’d get a break from lectures to try and triumph over small pox or having your covered wagon taken out by a flooded creek. It was awesome!! I’m not sure […]

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