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KonMari with Kids

Clutter and chaos is just part of parenting, right? For a long time, I have felt this way. But, recently, I’ve learned something about myself. I feel more at peace when my home is in order. Granted, this doesn’t happen often. But, I now realize that I yearn for this order and peace, and I […]

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Resolutions or No!?!

Do you plan to make a New Years Resolution? I have gone both ways with resolutions and gone without. I have had years where I have very specific goals and I think very strategically for how I’m going to reach those goals. Some years, I have been successful. Some years, I have gone with the […]

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Must-Have Resources for Mompreneurs

Dreams are awesome. But a dream without a plan is just a wish, right? I’ve loaded you mompreneurs up with links to resources that have helped me build 2 brick and mortar businesses.  These are just some of the practical tools and resources that I’ve discovered..and remember I’m a newbie so there are WAY more out there […]

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Birthday Party

Sleep in or Work Out?

This is the end of the second month that I have worked out each morning with the Fit Chicks Bootcamp. I have grown to love so many of the women there and our fearless leader Katie Ly. I’ve pushed myself farther than I thought I could and reaped the benefits from that. Recently, however, my morning outlook has shifted from […]

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Holidays-Drama (2)

Holidays + Family Drama

The holidays can be a magical time for everyone. The holidays are a time to create memories. For many parents, it is a glimpse into the magical innocence of imagination. For many of us, it’s a time to catch up with family who we haven’t seen for awhile. However, spending time with family can add […]

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Negative nelly = jiggly belly

Negative Nelly = Jiggly Belly. How Your Icky Attitude is Keeping Your Fat

Whether you want to face it or not…your attitude is making you fat.   Legit: There are some genetic medical conditions that mess hormones up and create excess weight, yes.   For most of us however, here are the excuses we give ourselves – go ahead, check yours off the list: “Healthy food is expensive, […]

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