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“YES” Day

How many times have you said no today? I am usually around double digits before I have even finished reheating my second cup of the coffee in the microwave…..for the third time. The reasons I say no tend to vary. If I were to break it down, it would probably break out like this: 35% […]

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Chased by Grief

Chased by Grief

It’s behind every corner waiting for me. Some days I am very aware it could jump out and I am guarded with my steps, always ready and on the lookout. On those days I can keep it at bay and function on the surface, but on the days where I am a little extra tired, […]

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Memory Perfectionist

Confessions of a Memory Perfectionist

My garden was gorgeous. Perfect trellises. Sharp linear rows. Scrumptious fruits and hearty veggies that my family harvested together on a lazy summer evening. That’s what my ‘Ideal family time’ Pinterest board looks like anyway.  I have big plans, HUGE plans, but that is what they stay, just plans. Not because I am lazy, but […]

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